How to Beat the 'Beast from the East'

Roofs take a battering in bad weather

“The Beast from the East”caused chaos across the country in recent weeks and homes around the UK took a battering. On MyBuilder there are thousands of expert tradesmen able to deal with the impact of stormy weather, so don’t delay if you have a problem that needs taken care of.

Roof Damage

The high winds and swirling snow put roofs to the test, and many won’t have passed with flying colours. If you discovered a leak or have any damaged tiles, now is the time to get them sorted by an experienced roofer, before getting to April and its showers.

Frozen Pipes

Households in some parts of the country lost their water supply after mains pipes struggled to cope with the freezing temperatures, and many homes will have seen their pipes suffer too. If you have any concerns, a good plumber will be able to address them.

Trees often need attention after storms

Boiler Check-up

When it’s cold outside, the last thing any home needs is to find its heating on the blink. A gas engineer can inspect your boiler and make sure it’s good to go for any more cold snaps.

Investigate Insulation

If you discovered that no amount of central heating and woolly jumpers were able to make your home feel warm and cosy throughout the wintry weather, it’s probably a good idea to consider improving its insulation. A specialist can help you decide what method will be most effective for your property.

Tree Time

The Beast from the East brought down trees around the nation, causing problems for traffic and putting property at risk. If you suffered any damage, or are concerned about any trees will cope with future storms, a tree surgeon can give you piece of mind.

Guttering Inspection

They may not be the most glamorous part of our homes, but guttering and drainpipes do sterling work in protecting our home from water damage. Bad weather can cause issues which will only get worse over time, so it’s vital to address any problems early with a specialist.

Fence Fixing

Wooden fences and gates are often major casualties of inclement weather, and can be an unsightly nuisance until they’re taken care of. A good fencer can help replace or repair damaged fences and gates quickly and efficiently.

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