Bathroom Competition Makeover Revealed

Over the summer, MyBuilder and Victoria Plum joined forces to find the bathroom in Britain that was most in need of makeover. Over 400 homeowners from around the UK entered the competition with their stories of bathroom misery and thousands of people voted to for the bathrooms they most wanted to see fixed up.

For many people, their bathroom is a sanctuary where they can unwind in a tub of suds at the end of a long day - but for the Morgan Family in Dudley, this was far from the case.

With a derelict shower, an impractical and cracked bath and a leaking floor, getting the bathroom spruced up meant a lot to the Morgans - especially after the incredibly difficult year they’d been through.

Daughter Megan explained:

“My sister has special needs and getting her in and out of the bath is difficult as the bath is too low for me to lift her out, as she is 12 and weighs more than me, so it proves really difficult for me and mom to bath her, and the shower is not possible due to the old style of the door - it soaks the bathroom floor and water has previously come through the downstairs ceiling.

“My mom has also been diagnosed with Hodgkins stage four lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, and with vigorous chemotherapy and no immune system it is very difficult to keep an already grim, old bathroom clean to fight infection.”

People around the country sympathised with the Morgan’s story - and the state of the bathroom - with hundreds of people voting to see them win the makeover. Bathroom fitter Darius and his team at 3D Ceiling Midlands Ltd set to work ripping out the mouldy old bathroom, repairing the walls and floor, and installing the new bathroom with all products provided by

With the incredible news that mum Lisa is now in remission, we are delighted to reveal the transformed bathroom where she can can relax and recover.

Mum Lisa is delighted with the transformation:

“Darius and his team were very considerate, making sure I got enough space to rest and it’s very rare to find workmen who clean up after themselves so well. They were fantastic. The new bathroom is absolutely amazing, it’s really nice to have people go up there now and not have to apologise to them afterwards. Now there’s a queue as everyone wants to use the bathroom! It's just so great that Mia can go up there now be a bit more independent.

“This has been a fantastic end to a very bad year and hopefully things are going to start to turn around now.”

Watch the full video to see the transformation unfold:

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