A pre-Christmas checklist for your home

The days leading up to Christmas are always a scramble—between finding and getting your hands on the ideal presents and making sure you get everything in order at work before the holidays, it’s easy to forget about getting your house ready. But from your in-laws to Santa and his crew, the season is packed with visitors to your home. It’s crucial to make sure they’re all comfortable and well cared for. Here are five last-minute home improvements that will make a difference (but that are also hassle-free):

1. Clean your chimney so that it doesn’t poison Santa chimney_thumbChimneys house dangerous gases, the buildup of which can lead to chimney fires. To prevent this buildup make sure you have your chimney cleaned at least annually, a service that will also ensure blockages like bird nests and cobwebs are removed. Still not convinced? In countries, like Germany, having your chimney cleared is a legal requirement and the percentage of carbon monoxide and chimney fires are much lower. Chimney sweepers undergo extensive training in order to get qualified—to make sure you hire a chimney sweeper who has been through a rigorous assessment process, hire someone who is Guild Registered. For a chimney sweeper to have a Guild membership, they have to be insured and equipped to deal with all the situations that could arise in a standard job.

You don’t have to prepare too much for a visit from the chimney sweeper—simply clearing a passage to your chimney and making sure that your mantlepiece is clear of ornaments is enough. The length of time taken to complete the job varies from chimney to chimney, but on average it shouldn’t take more than about half an hour. That’s perfect around this busy time of year!

2. Make sure the reindeers don’t slip while they’re waiting on the roof


You have probably never hung out up on your roof but Santa’s reindeer will be, so it’s important to have some routine roof maintenance done! You don’t want Rudolph’s hooves catching a broken tile! Though early autumn is the best time for roof maintenance, if you haven’t hired a roofer at all this year, it makes a lot of sense to do so now. A roofer will be able to clear away all the dead leaves and twigs that may have collected over the autumn months. Once that is done, they will be able to assess if your roof needs any repairs.

If you have a tiled roof, damp or leaks may have caused a tile to crack or slip out of place. When tiles fall off, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible to avoid the felt covering beneath getting wet after exposure to rain and melting snow. Wet felt is likely to lead to the rotting of timbers and and ceiling damp. If you have a flat roof, cracks or splits around the edges are common, as is sagging, which is what happens when water builds up.

It’s always a better idea to check for faults and have them repaired rather than wait for a disaster to occur!

3. Invest in a splash of paint to impress any guests coming to visit


You’re going to have guests coursing through your home—from the dining room to the guest bedroom—and you definitely want to dress to impress. You don’t have to shell out for a refurbishment to make your home look brand new. A paint job in the rooms where you’ll be entertaining will lighten and neaten your home. If nothing else, clearing your living spaces before the painters come in will force you to declutter. And is there anything better to get you in the decorating mood than a freshly painted home?

A paint job is a fairly quick improvement too. Provided that your existing plaster is in reasonable condition, painting a large room will only take around three days (maximum)  from start to finish. Even if you paint all the rooms you’ll be entertaining in—the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room—you’ll only be investing a little over a week for all the paint work. If you hire someone at the very beginning of December, you’ll still have a good couple of weeks to recuperate and get ready for Christmas after the work is completed!

4. Install a bigger oven for that turkey


You don’t want to forgo a big turkey this year because of a lack of oven space! A bigger oven will give you enough space to slide in a massive golden turkey, but will also leave you with additional room to spread out all the required sides—parsnips, potatoes, and sprouts. If you’re installing an electric oven, it is possible to do so on your own, provided that an electrician has already wired your kitchen to allow for an electric oven. But if you’re installing a gas oven, you’re legally required to hire a gas engineer to complete the job.

To make sure you hire a gas engineer who knows what they’re doing, check that they’re on the Gas Safe Register. You can do this online, or can ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card. The card will have a unique license number and will list the type of work they are qualified to do.

5. Avoid break-ins if you’re going away

A destination Christmas? We envy you already. Whether you’re going away for an extended period of time or even just a long weekend, it’s sensible to take steps to protect your home. After all, if Home Alone taught us anything, it’s that Christmas is prime time for crooks to strike.

While installing a DIY security system is cheaper, it’s easier and quicker (especially as you plan your trip and pack your bags) to have a professional security system installer do it for you. A professional installer will also be able to give you tailored advice for your home and will be able to double check that the system is working correctly.

Whether or not you give your home a boost this season, we hope you eat, laugh, and celebrate well! Happy Holidays!

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