We have a winner!

Our first garden competition has been a topsy turvy ride. We didn’t know whether we’d get any entries, and if we did, whether anyone would bother voting. Much to our delight, we got 219 entries and more than 10,000 votes. Wow. I then had the difficult job of choosing a winner from the 12 entries with the most votes. Here they are...

The shortlist

  1. Jon Mason (765 votes) - a stroke victim who recently relocated to a Devon jungle.
  2. Laura Mott (584 votes) - wanted a level and tidy garden for her disabled son.
  3. Tracey Hancock (441 votes) - has a soggy Welsh garden that her handicapped son can’t enjoy.
  4. Claire Pearman (430 votes) - a beautiful photo of her son blowing a dandelion captured our hearts.
  5. Lee Barter (374 votes) - needs his garden cleared so his 2 year old son can play safely.
  6. James Swadling (372 votes) - needed a safe and secure garden for their 2 children.
  7. Natasha Betinis (361 votes) - It’s pretty safe to say that Natasha and family have Britain’s worst fence!
  8. Katja Von Schweitzer (351 votes) - Rocco, aged 3 made a touching appeal to get some garden greenery.
  9. Emma Kirwan (342 votes) - New turf would really do wonders for Emma’s dirt patch.
  10. Paula Butler (338 votes) - It looks like Paula is growing lettuce in her garden, but what she really needs is a path for her wheelchair and some decking.
  11. Angela Evans (322 votes) - Having spent all her money renovating her house, Angela needs help with her garden.
  12. Lauren Murray (311 votes) - A heartbreaking appeal to build a memorial for her son, who passed away last year. It made me cry... many others probably felt the same way.

The Winner - Jon Mason 765 votes

Having a stroke at such a young age must have been extremely difficult, and living on disability allowance doesn’t leave a lot of spare cash to hire a gardener. Jon received a lot of support and votes through Facebook and Twitter, with some famous names from the world of sport helping to spread the word. All votes were carefully screened to ensure fair play and Jon's entry passed with flying colours.

The runners-up

Thanks to generous support from The Horticultural Trades Association, the remaining 11 shortlisted entries will each receive a £50 National Garden Gift Voucher.

So finally, a big thank you to everyone who entered and voted and congratulations to all of those who made it to the shortlist. Lastly, a big congratulations to Jon, our winner. We look forward to helping Jon transform his garden and turning that frown upside down.


  1. congratulations to all the winners

  2. :-) Congrats Jon, don't forget to upload some photo's so we can see the before and after, if I lived nearer I would gladly help but unfortunately it's to far for the daily commute!!

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