Plastering trade jargon

Jargon by trade

The state of cement rendering or plaster that is no longer bonded to the wall behind it.


A trench cut into plaster or masonry to make space for electrical cabling or pipework.


Horizontal moulding running between the walls and ceiling of a room, or at the top of a kitchen wall units.


A shaped decorative moulding, usually made of wood or plaster, made to fit into the space between the top of a wall and a ceiling of a room.

Dry lining

The fixing of plaster boards to timber/metal frames to create partition walls/ceilings.


A material used to smooth out small imperfections in a surface.


A mixture of lime and water that can be used to coat exterior walls.


The first rough coat of cement-based mortar applied to external walls as a protective coating.


A smooth cement or rendering applied to exterior walls, often designed to resemble stone.


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