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Horticultural Trades Association (HTA)

The HTA works hard to identify the needs of growers and through the guidance of the Ornamentals Management Committee agree the actions that are required to solve current and future issues.

HTA membership covers all aspects of the industry and includes some 1,600 businesses and 2,700 outlets representing retailers, growers, landscapers, service providers, manufacturers and distributors of garden materials. Retail membership includes specialist retail nurseries, the vast majority of independent garden centres, garden centre chains and some DIY and high street multiples. HTA member growers represent approximately 80 per cent of the total UK production of ornamental plants, including all major UK growers.

HTA also operates a number of groups that represent the particular interests of specialist areas with the industry. These include the Association of Professional Landscapers, the HTA British Roses Group, the Association of Liner Producers, the Association of British Conifer Growers, the Growing Media Association and the HTA Tree and Hedging Group.

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