Insurance for your job

MyBuilder Plus is comprehensive cover for your job that takes away the stress and financial risk if the unexpected happens.

Protect my job

A policy you can trust

MyBuilder Plus is an FCA regulated insurance policy underwritten by Hiscox, a specialist insurer with over 100 years of industry experience.

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Peace of mind

In an ideal world, every project goes smoothly, but unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong.

Our comprehensive cover means that if something unexpected happens, we’ll step in and make sure it gets completed at no extra cost to you, with no excess or hidden fees.

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What’s covered

  • The job not being completed

  • The work not meeting the agreed specifications

  • The work being substandard or failing to meet building regulations

  • Your relationship with the tradesperson breaking down completely

  • The tradesperson goes out of business

What we promise

  • We’ll resolve problems you have with your tradesperson or job

  • We’ll ensure the work is done to the agreed specification and price

  • Substandard work will be put right

How to get the ultimate cover for your job

1Post a job

It’s free to post a job. We’ll ask you a few questions so that we can find the best tradespeople for your job.

2Select tradespeople

Tradespeople express interest in your job. You create a shortlist and request a written quote for the work to be done.

3Protect your job

Hire a tradesperson, get an instant insurance price and apply for cover in seconds.

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What customers say about MyBuilder Plus



It was a pleasure dealing with MyBuilder Plus. Sue pretty much took care of everything, and was so nice to deal with. She was genuinely interested in my problem and I was amazed how quickly everything was done. I took out a policy for peace of mind, and it's probably saved me around £400.


Great Yarmouth

MyBuilder Plus made everything easy. Chris kept in touch with me every day and his whole approach was excellent. I expected the claims process to be a pain and take ages, but it was just so easy to get my problem sorted.



My Claims Manager did an unbelievable job. He was calm, really understanding and worked with me to get the issue fixed. He checked in regularly with me to see how the work was going and there was a constant stream of open dialogue. Without his help, my problem would’ve been unbearable to resolve.