The ultimate cover for your building job

MyBuilder Plus guarantees you get the job you asked for, at the price you agreed. No matter what.

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Insurance you can trust

MyBuilder Plus is an FCA regulated insurance policy underwritten by Hiscox, a specialist insurer with over 100 years of industry experience.

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About MyBuilder Plus

MyBuilder Plus is an optional insurance policy designed from the ground up to protect any job posted on MyBuilder.

If something unexpected goes wrong with your job, we'll make sure it gets completed at no extra cost.

You're covered even if:

  • Your contractor fails to complete the job.

  • The work is sub-standard or doesn't meet building regulations.

  • The contractor walks off with your deposit.

  • Your relationship with the contractor breaks down.

  • The contractor goes bust.

Premium support

Our dedicated team of account managers and trade experts are on hand to advise you and answer any questions during the course of your job.

How to get the ultimate cover for your job

1Post a job

Posting a job is free. We’ll ask you a few questions so that we can find the best tradespeople for your job.

2Select tradespeople

Tradespeople express interest in your job. You create a shortlist and request a written quote for the work to be done.

3Protect your job

Hire a tradesperson, get an instant insurance price and apply for cover in seconds.

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Simple pricing, no excess fees

If you have a price for your job, enter it below to calculate the cost of your cover. Our policies are priced at 7.5% of the job value with no other fees and no claims excess.

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