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Feedback rewards tradesmen for good work and holds them accountable for any problems.

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Feedback goes right to the heart of why MyBuilder was created in 2004.

4 out of 5 customers leave feedback, rewarding the best tradesmen and helping you hire with confidence.

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Certainly takes the hard work out of finding a suitable tradesman and it feels like a website you can trust. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to people.

Steffani-Jade McDonagh

The first place I go to

This is the site that I go to first when I need a tradesperson. I have found some good local tradespeople who have all done a good job. I have tried other sites but either had poor or no repsonses.

Sharon Goldsby

Quality tradesmen

I have used this site twice now and been delighted with the quality of tradesmen who have done work for me. I will definitely use it again.

Jenny Bostock

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