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Your next job is just
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There’s plenty of local work but finding it is easier said than done. On MyBuilder, you set a custom working area so every lead you receive is exactly where you want to work.

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Outstanding value for money

We keep our costs low so we can charge you less, making MyBuilder the best deal out there.
Trade members pay a shortlist fee for warm leads, along with a small quarterly membership fee.

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Fill the gaps in your schedule

You have enough work to get by, but there's always room for more. When you have last minute cancellations or some time to spare, MyBuilder will be there with leads that you can fit into your schedule.

A dedicated team
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Our team is working hard 7 days a week, around the clock vetting new tradesmen, screening jobs before they’re posted on the site, and dealing with any issues that arise in the course of a project.