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Question5 x 3 metre single extension costs

can anyone give me a rough idea of a single storey extension cost to the rear of a semi-detached house 3 metres out and 5 metres across, double doors to garden, two sets of windows, Merseyside area please?
in brick

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Hi 1sqm cost £1240 shell only inc material + windows cost and decorating

ATICO 12th May, 2011

an extension measuring 5 x 3 = 15sq mtrs the going rate approx: £1000/1250 per sq/mtrs... depending on drainage etc also take into consideration weather it is a flat roof or pitched... hope this gives you some idea of the cost.

unibuildessex 12th May, 2011

depends on internal finishes allow 12 -16 k

substructure 12th May, 2011

I would guesstinate a price in the area of £14000 - £18000. Depending on factors to be determined at first meeting on site.

Phil Tupholme Building Contractor 12th May, 2011

hi to build an extension 3m x 5m lab & mat would be about £15000 to a standed spec. This wouldnt include a kitchen if the extension was to be a new kitchen .You should go on post a job site and get your local builders to give you a quote.

capital contractors 12th May, 2011

Prices are going to vary in different areas.
Average price 1 thousand/12 hundred per square metre.
Includes super structure, roof on, all plastering, windows, doors, skirting, all left ready for decorating.
No allowance for kitchens or bathrooms, to many variations and price differences.


brick or stone ?

c highley building and roofing contractors 12th May, 2011

For a single storey it averages at aproximately £1200 per square metre.
A lot depends on labour rates etc but this should give you a rough idea.
5 x 3 would be approx £18,000
hope this helps.

Gem Building Services 12th May, 2011

most extensons depend on the emount of ground work ie drainage depth of footing the typ of bricks flat roof or piched all in all ball park would be around 18k to 25k depending on fitting


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