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Fitting Kingspan insulation

I want to fix 70 mm Kingspan bonded to 12.5 mm plasterboard onto an existing studwork wall which is already covered in plasterboard (existing tiles have been removed). What is the easiest way to fix them please? Can I use some kind of adhesive or do I need fixing nails/screws which would have to be at least 100 mm long, surely? I then have to find the studs to fix them to, which I guess is fairly easy.

I had thought to put insulation in between studs but a plethora of pipes makes that tedious and difficult.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Yjohnb_32 24th Jan, 2013 Bathroom Fitting
1 Answer

You need a gap filling gun applied adhesive that sticks almost anything to anything. There are many you can use, but Stixall is a very good example and is also completely waterproof. Normal cheap adhesives will not work because they will not stick well to foil or polyurethane. You can get this type of adhesive in many builders merchants or on line. That will do the job extremely well.


Paul Albright

GN Building Services (Stafford) Ltd 24th Jan, 2013
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