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New radiators, too close and is it dangerous to be that close to the window?

we have a new gas combi boiler installed in 3 bed house. Plus new radiators in every room. In the living room the radiator is installed just next to the edge of the window , same level, not even 1 cm away from it. I am worried that the heat might affect the window in the future. Is it too close and is it dangerous to be that close to the window ? Thanks

Ychristina_59 7th Dec, 2012 Central Heating
1 Answer

Hello Christina-59
It sounds like your radiators have been installed exactly as they should be. Your windows are the main area of heat loss from a room which is why radiators are situated below them where possible. It sounds to me as if you have quite low windows which hasn`t left much room for the radiator and this is why they are so close to the window sill. Rest assured that no damage will come to your windows because of the proximity of your rads,

love gas limited 13th May, 2013
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