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no water coming out hot taps

I have an electric immersion tank in my cupboard the top half has warm water in but the bottom half seems empty I've been in my property about 4 months and had this problem before but it seemed to fix itself till now the problem is I have no water whatsoever coming out of my hot taps when I switch my tank on I can hear it start to heat up but still no water comes out

Ykatberry 25th Nov, 2012 Plumbing
1 Answer

Most likely cause is the ball valve sticking in the cold water storage cistern.As you are in a flat, this will probably be sited directly above your hot water tank in the airing cupboard or you may have a FORTIC type cylinder in which case the cold water tank is built into the top of your cylinder. Check that its full of water and that the float arm is not stuck in the horisontal position.
The reason the hot water tank feels warm at the top is because heat rises, therefore the top of the cylinder heats up first.
There may be other possible causes, but I'd check this first.

D2 Plumbing & Heating 5th Jan, 2013
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