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bathroom extractor fan into roof space

I have a ceiling bathroom extractor fan with a 4inch flexi that goes up through the attic, along, then connected to a capped pipe that sits upwards in the roofspace, ending about 6 inches away from the top at the roof felt.

In the next room (under where this pipe is) I seem to have a slight damp patch. Is this because of condensation coming from steam in the roofspace when the extractor is in use? The roofspace is vented, but just wondered.

Do i have to extend the pipe more so it goes out through the roof? if so, what do I need to do that. My roof is fibre cement slates.

Ylemmon 20th Jun, 2012 Roofing
2 Answers

It should be vented outside the property, either through an external wall or in your case through the roof via a tile vent

AJ Plastering & Building Services 20th Jun, 2012

get a slate roof vent and connect to you extractor pipe

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