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Bad smell from bathrooms

We have an ensuite and house bathroom that seem to suddenly and at random start to smell like drains. This doesn't happen all the time and is usually either 1 bathroom or the other rarely both. We now seem to be having a similar problem with the kitchen sink. Currently we manage to sort it by running taps and putting bleach down the plug holes but would like a more permanent solution. Can any of you suggest a cause and solution? Many thanks

Yhelen_370 10th Jun, 2012 Plumbing
2 Answers u1

This sounds like you are losing the seal to your water traps.
This could be caused by the seal drying out in hot weather (rare in this country).
Or induced syphonage if the waste system is poorly designed/installed or vent pipes are blocked.
The installation of antisyphon traps could resolve this issue and making sure all vents are clear. If the vent pipe is internal a Air admittance valve must be fitted to stop the ingress of foul air into the room.

Castle Plumbing 11th Jun, 2012

Hi, sounds to me if you have a part block waste, or waste trap or pipe, or part block drain , could be washing machine waste,think if it was me i would lift manhole cover and check all clean and running nice, also check and clean all wastes such as kit sink,bath,basin washing machine,dish washer and if poss shower, toilets, got to be one or more of these things, put job on mybuilder get plumber to have a look, good luck colin.

Rigsby Property Maintenance 11th Jun, 2012
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