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How to cover a nicotine stained wall/ceiling?

Any advice on the best way to paint over nicotine staining without the need to sugar soap wash the whole room. Is there anything that can seal it in place and provide a good surface to paint onto without the stain coming through?

Ys_isaac 30th Mar, 2012 Painting & Decorating
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Sugar soap is the only thing i know that works, its not any more work than brushing over a few coats of sealer, dont bodge it, do it right, do it once

Local patios and driveways 30th Mar, 2012

If you do not want to spend a lot the best way is buy some oil based undercoat paint and thin it down with turps, it smells bad but it does work.

Proctor Decorating 30th Mar, 2012

Forget sugar soap, thats a bit old fashioned, you will have more success with something like Mr Muscle & a scourer & sponge then rinse off. And to be on the safe side as Protoctor states apply a coat of oil based undercoat. Yes its extra work but unless you are moving out the following week you will regret taking any shortcuts.
Best o luck

mydecorator 31st Mar, 2012

Oil based undercoat is the way, forget stain blocks they don't work..

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