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How do I go about having my gas meter moved from an inside wall to an outside wall

The meter pipework comes into the house via the same wall that I wish to have it fitted externally so as far as I can tell there will be no pipework required, it is just a case of taking teh meter off the internal wall and placing on the external wall but in the same position.

Ysadiecrump 29th Mar, 2011 Gas Work
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you will have to get your supplier to do this as the pipe will be live( there will be no valve to isolate the supply), regards Terry.

tm property services 30th Mar, 2011

TRANSCO 100 % to move the mains. TRANSCO to fit the meter and then a gas safe engineer can re-pipe TO the meter. You will get yourself blown up if you attempt to move the mains also kill or maim someone and also end up behind bars, TRANSCO EVERYTIME ITS THE LAW

Jeff Stockdale Plumbing and Heating 30th Mar, 2011

not completely sure but if its the same as electric meter as be done by british gas. best thing you can do it phone the company you get your gas from they will be able to help have give you a idea of cost.

william bradley 30th Mar, 2011

Phone a good plumber/heating engineer. Who is registered with the gas saftey scheme. They can move it up to 2m from the mains gas in. Will be some pipe work but not much. Should be a mornings work.

Grace Builders LTD 30th Mar, 2011

I will second what Jeff Stockdale says.It is essential that National Grid do this and as he correctly says a Gas safe registered engineer can do any repiping to the gas meter.

RW GAS SERVICES 10th Apr, 2011

gas engineers can do gas work up to the meter. the meter itself should not be moved as you suggest by any gas engineer or the general public. never, ever touch anything gas.....ever!

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