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my pressure on boiler MAIN combi 24he is too low ,how i can add water,whitch tap is for this

Yjanoh 19th Feb, 2012 Central Heating
3 Answers u13

Looking from the front of the boiler you will see 5 copper pipes underneath going into the boiler . Two are for hot water ,two are for central heating and one for gas in. you should also see a flexible pipe looping between two of the copper pipes with an on/off lever valve on each. whilst looking at the pressure gauge (small needle dial from 1 to 4 you will need to turn both lever valves to the on position and you will see the needle gauge pressure rise. Once the pressure has reached between 1 and 11/2 turn the lever valves to the off possition. You may find that you will need to bleed your radiators to remove any air trapped

db advanced finishes 19th Feb, 2012

it depands hoe the boiler was installed. some people add an external fill point which will be a 1/2" braided hose with a valve either end, or it will be a wachine machinetype valve/querter turn ballvale up tight under the bottom of the boiler. simply open open until you reach your desired pressure.

b.burrows plumbing and heating 20th Feb, 2012

there should be a filling loop ,normally under the boiler each has a tap on to fill

substructure 19th Feb, 2012
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