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cast iron combined down pipe / soil pipe replacement

i live in a Victorian terrace which has a corroded down pipe which also doubles up as a soil vent. There is no stack above the gutter line (gutter has already been replaced with plastic) and the drain is completely sealed at ground level. i need to get the pipe replaced ASAP as the damage is causing damage to the brick work. I just want to go for a plastic replacement but are there any building regs that i need to be aware of? Do I have to have the pipe extending above the gutter line (I'm assuming that's what a stack is!?) and does it still need to be a sealed drain at ground level? Many thanks, Kate (Carlisle)

Ykate1980 10th Feb, 2012 Plumbing
2 Answers

Hi Kate,

That sounds like a very strange setup, as the gutter pipe should be seperate from the soil stack for a start.
You can can the cast iron to plastic, and will need a rubber coupling to suit the pipe size. The pipe itself should go past the gutter line as the soil stack vent needs to be at least 900mm past any opening window - under building regulations document H section 1.31 .

Hope this helps

RCL Carpentry & Plumbing 11th Feb, 2012

It depends on whether you live in a listed building or not, oterwise a plastic replacement requires no building regulation other than normal stuff that an experienced plumber wuld know, by the way a have now seen plastic soil pipes that look the same as cast iron.

sovereign plumbing and heating 11th Feb, 2012
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