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Can trickle vents be fitted on existing double glazed windows

They are 14 years old old -same as the house .We have black mould patches in 2 bedrooms that keep returning. We have a dehumidifier and open the windows as soon as we are all showered. It is a modern 4 bed detached house.

Ybyronshaw 2nd Nov, 2011 Windows
3 Answers u1

if the moisture is made by the shower perhaps you should consider having an extractor fan installed in the shower room, this will take the moisture away, regards Terry.

tm property services 3rd Nov, 2011

Yes, trickle vents can be fitted. A series of holes will have to be drilled through the profile first. If the profile has steel re-inforcing care will have to be taken not to "run off " with the drill bit. Then fit internal and external covers.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards
Paul Pearce

P.P.LOCK AND KEY 3rd Nov, 2011

Yes you can retro fit trickle vents, do you have an extractor fan going when you have a shower, if not it would be a good idea to have one fitted.
Also check behind any wardrobes etc that are against any walls, and dont hang damp washing in the rooms.

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