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Footings & Rain


I am ready to pour my footings, planning on getting ready mix delivered. 1000mm deep x 600mm wide, side extension 8m x 4m

forecast is rain on Saturday, how does rain impact the footings? should I postpone? does it matter?

Thanks in advance

Ysjbu 1st Nov, 2011 Groundwork & Foundations
3 Answers u3


This really does not matter as you pour the concrete access water will move to the top of the foundation and then evaporate. I would sugest you make sure you shore up the sides of the trench and dig a sump about 1 spit of your spade or shovel deep that way if it rains heavy you can use a bucket to remove the water. I based this conversation on the fact you may not have a hippo pump.

Hope this helps.

Need a builder get in touch.

Kind regards

Paul Milne


Paul milne is spot on.Cant really add anything to what he has said.

Roc builders 1st Nov, 2011

of course it matters ,the more water you add to concrete the more it reduces the slump/strength value ,obviously if its only spitting it would be alright but if its torrential postpone ,most concrete yards will let you provitionally order then just call 1-2hours b4 hand to confirm

substructure 1st Nov, 2011
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