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I've got a Ferroli combi boiler that is heating the water but not the rads.

I've checked all the obvious but it still won't call for heat so it needs someone that knows. Who can help me without taking the mick?

Ybigjohn_28 22nd Oct, 2011 Central Heating
3 Answers

if its not calling its the stat or the circuit board, if it is calling but not heating its the valve in the boiler

Louise Anthony Ltd 23rd Oct, 2011

Sounds like the diverted valve may be stuck.
Properly needs replacing,happens a lot this time of year .

High grade plumbing 23rd Oct, 2011

If the boiler is otherwise working fine i.e. Hot water normal (not intermittent)
It's probably the room stat/ clock

If you have trv's , did you shut them all off during the summer? They may need re-opening. Or make sure the pins under the head aren't stuck down, although unlikey on all of the rads

I hate to state the obvious but room stat turned up?
Clock set correctly and switched to on?

Kind regards


Lambert plumbing, heating & gas 27th Oct, 2011
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