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what is the difference between flue and flueless gas fires?

I have just removed a really old stone fireplace from my living room, and now there is a big gap between my old gas fire and the wall. I want to get a new more modern gas fire to put against the wall but I dont know what to get, what is the difference between flue and flueless fires??

The fire i have at the moment is free-standing, but there was a hole in the fireplace backing onto the fire leading up to the chimney pipe, is this anything to do with it?

Hope someone can help shed some light on this for me!!!


Ymrsb_92 5th Mar, 2011 Gas Work
3 Answers u1

Hi there,the chimney is your flue.
It will need to be tested to make sure it is sound before fitting a replacement.
So you should not need a flueless fire.

E&M Plumbing & Heating 6th Mar, 2011

a flueless gas fire needs no flue HOWEVER it does need purpose build ventilation of 100cm to the outside fitting.

Jeff Stockdale Plumbing and Heating 5th Mar, 2011

A flueless gas fire does not need to have a flue directly to outside.It may however need some other source of ventilation this is dependant on the room and the size.In your case the chimney is the flue.

CH Westend 19th Apr, 2011
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