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QuestionHow much would it normally cost for an Electrical Wiring Safety Inspection and Certificate to be done?

I need to have my wiring in my home checked and receive a safety certificate. Can anyone tell me what's involved and a rough guide of cost?
Thanks in advance.

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What you are referring to is a Periodic Inspection Report which is being replaced soon by the Electrical Condition Report,it involves an electrician testing the cables from the consumer unit/fuse box,he will also remove a few sockets,light

switches and check the wiring at a few lights,verify your earthing and bonding,the inspection & testing when done correctly should take about 3 to 4 hours depending on the size of property,number of ways used on board,and general condition of the installation.The report should show the test results for your circuits,items inspected and will highlight any problem areas,its four pages long.

The cost will vary but you should expect to pay at least £100.00,if someone offers a Visual Condition Report don't bother,they are not worth the paper they are written on as no testing is involved only visual.

The electrician you choose does not need to be a member of a part p scheme such as Napit,Nic,Elecsa as periodics are nothing to do with Part P, any competent electrician can carry out this for you,try and get one who has got the 2391 inspection&test qualification,


PCM ELECTRICAL 21st Sep, 2011

What you will need is now termed an Electrical Installation Condition Report, (EICR), which replaces the Periodic Inspection Report. Note, neither of these is a 'certificate', which is only produced when new work is done on the installation.

Unfortunately it's not possible to give a ballpark price for something like this as it depends on the size of the installation and the scope of the work agreed between the customer and the inspector. So you can have a very detailed inspection of a small house, looking at everything - or a partial inspection of a very large property, maybe looking at 20% of all accessories.

ADD Light & Power 21st Sep, 2011

Depends whereabouts in the UK you are, but between £90 and £130 is a realistic price

Electrical Safety Services 31st Oct, 2011

Depends on the size of the property.
Generally for a house your looking in the region of £150.
You should also be making sure the electrician is NICEIC approved.

MAP Build 21st Sep, 2011

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