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600mm Electic Hob

Is it possible to install a 600mm Electric Hob over a 500mm Unit.

i.e. The Hob is wider than the unit.

Ywako1302 18th Jul, 2011 Kitchen Fitting
5 Answers

Yes in some circumstances, it depends on a few points. 1 if the hob is less than the worktop thickness this will fit without having to cut out units (which isnt the best idea). 2 If you have the room either side of the unit being 50mm to access the power lead to plug in. 3 The wall units are at least 100mm away from the ends of the hob at a vertical point. Hope this makes sense. Regards Darren

R.J.Projects Uk 18th Jul, 2011

Depends..... some hobs hang below the worktop so would catch the carcass

If you do not mind cutting away some of the carcass below then there is no reason why not

House Doctors 18th Jul, 2011

Yes, this should be fine.

Oasys Property Solutions 18th Jul, 2011

yes, providing it is a laminate top 40mm thick. Some hobs are 40mm and could be difficult in a 30mm top or granite. Be aware connections may be tricky but not impossible.

Kitchen Technics Ltd 19th Jul, 2011

yes you can fit a hob over a 500 base unit as long as u can access the fitting , also screw the hob to the worktop before ,or seal in after, beacuse you will find it hard to fix most of the fixing points due to the hob being 560 underneath..

renovate building services 19th Jul, 2011
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