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replacing corrugated roof on outhouse

I have a corrugated roof on my outhouse which is leaking, i have been told that there is low grade asbestos in it, not sure if its safe and how expensive it will be to do.

Ywoody59 25th Mar, 2013 Roofing
2 Answers

Older crrugated roof sheeting is typically around 10 - 20% white chrysotile asbestos within a cement mixture. This material is a hazardous waste and can not just be taken to local council tips. Due to the risk of being exposed to asbestos fibres it should not be broken up, but carefully removed and double wrapped in strong plastic bags, and clearly labelled asbestos.

As absestos related diseases (asbestosis etc) can take 10 to 40 years to develop and are incurable , so you would be well advised to get a specialist contractor in to remove and dispose of the material for you, but its likely to be quite expensive. See link below for more information;


Electrical Safety Services 25th Mar, 2013

Alot of jobs i have done regarding corrugated roofs have been boxed over and sealed in with a new roof put over the top.

Amb roofing services 4th Apr, 2013
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