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Our expert electricians have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as indoor and outdoor lighting, certifications and qualifications, rewiring, appliance fitting, electric showers, kitchen installations, extensions, extractor fans and much more.

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1546 Questions: Electrical


1970s house - rewiring required?

Hi all

I've just bought a 1970s house and am doing some refurb work, which will include new spotlights etc.

I was wondering whether it is likely that a 1970s house would require rewiring and, if this is likely, how I go about instructing a PIR and who is registered to carry it out (Wokingham, Berks area).

Thanks for your help


Ymikegrime 15th May, 2011 Electrical
9 Answers u12

Adding an extra light

To add an extra light to a room, I assume you will need to chisel out a channel from the existing light switch in order to lay the extra switch cable.. Is there an easy way to do this without damaging the existing switch cable or is it best to just assume you're going to damage it and replace it?

Ymugwump 29th May, 2012 Electrical
3 Answers u11

KVA load for my property?

Good afternoon,

I am in the process of applying to get overhead cables moved, and the company have asked me to supply my 'Load details - breakdown in KVA'

Can anybody advise me how I find this out please?

Many thanks

Ysjbu 14th May, 2011 Electrical
4 Answers u11

rewire but no conduit

I have had a complete rewire of my bungalow. I now have the plasterers in and i have been told that no conduit has been used to protect the cables in the walls (the channels have been bonded with plaster). Is this sufficient / legal? Thanks

Ymichala_77 3rd Sep, 2012 Electrical
5 Answers u11

How do I cut off electricity from a plug I don't use

Ysuz1 28th Jan, 2012 Electrical
5 Answers u11

How to get part P certificate?

Our electrician re-wired the whole flat, gave us an Electrical Installation Certificate and a Schedule of Circuit Details for the Installation, but the Council Inspector tells us that he hasn't registered the part P certificate. We have tried for a month to contact our electrician but he has disappeared.

What can we do now to get the part P certificate? And how is it different from the Electrical Installation Certificate?

Many thanks for your help!

Ypoblico 5th Dec, 2011 Electrical
6 Answers u11

How can I get an honest opinion whether my house needs rewiring?

I just realise that there is a bit of a conflict for an electrician. I am having my loft insulated in two weeks and it would be good to know beforehand if the wiring up there is OK. Also would be good if they could tell me if the rest of the house was OK as just moved into an old preoperty. Should I be requesting a wiring test? Any comments appreciated. Location is SE3

Ymsg_23 13th Apr, 2011 Electrical
6 Answers u11

The previous owner of my house tried to install an electric shower. It has a copper pipe running through the ceiling and seems to be connected someway to the immersion heater.

It blew all of the fuses the one and only time I switched it on and it's quite obvious that the wiring is dangerous. I want it removed. A plumber who visited for another reason says he has never seen anything like it and it's amazing the house hasn't caught fire! I want to know who to contact (would it be an electrician?) and roughly how much it would cost.

Ydeesmith 16th Apr, 2011 Electrical
7 Answers u11

Wiring of new bathroom extractor fan

I've bought a new extractor fan (Xpelair 4-inch 100mm Timer Bathroom Fan) - it replaces an old standard fan (no timer), the wiring available is 1 red wire (i believe this is live) 1 black wire (neutral?) & then a bare copper wire. The previous fan simply connected via the red/black wires but the new fan will not operate at all with just two connections & just wanted to know what the bare copper wire would be?

Yjason_384 26th Jan, 2014 Electrical
8 Answers u11
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