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Our expert electricians have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as indoor and outdoor lighting, certifications and qualifications, rewiring, appliance fitting, electric showers, kitchen installations, extensions, extractor fans and much more.

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1369 Questions: Electrical


How deep should wires be chased in to walls?

Is there a minimum depth for wires to be chased in to walls? We've just had a full re-wire and were about to start decorating but in places the cable is coming through the plaster, to the extent I can read the writing on it. Other bits I've noticed are staring to crack and come away where the plaster over the wire is spread so thinly, presumably because it's not deep enough. Is this acceptable? Should he have used some sort of capping for the cable? And how would it be best rectified? He's coming on Thursday to look at it so any information to hit him with would be appreciated.


Ycheesepie 13th May, 2014 Electrical
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How long does it take to rewire a 3 bed house ? thank you.

1950s house.
Currently vacant but bathroom work ongoing.
Move in date 12/10. What work complte by then.

Ylen_76 6th Oct, 2011 Electrical
19 Answers u11

When we moved to our flat, the washing machine was in the bathroom. We bought a new one and Curry's wouldn't install in the bathroom (understand why) so it was set up in the kitchen (fittings existed)

now we want to install a dishwasher in the kitchen and move the washing machine back to the bathroom. Before I post a job, I'd like to know whether an electrician will actually do this job, due to the 'electrics in a bathroom' issue. We're find with it - there is already a power supply and the pipes for the washing machine, just want to know whether someone will actually do this. Otherwise we need to re-think the new kitchen design! Thanks :)

Update 09/03/12 - thanks for the advice guys, will not be moving it back to the bathroom following your advice!

Ysamantha123 8th Mar, 2012 Electrical
3 Answers u10

What exactly do I need to do to convert a phase 1 supply to a phase 3? (Commercial sunbed usage)

Ybrownstanning 23rd Jan, 2012 Electrical
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What is a reasonable price to fit exterior lights ( 2 flood lights)?

If only the flood lights were to be supplied by me.

One for the fornt of the house (3.5m away from mains under the staircase)

One for the back of the house behind the kitchen (5m away from the mains under the stair case)

Also what would be generally involved?

Would I have unsightly wires indoors?

Would this type of work require certificates?

Ybablulee 9th May, 2011 Electrical
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Earthing a property

My electrician has earthed our property by means of sticking a long metal rod in one of the flower beds in the garden. Is this the right and safest thing to do?

Thanks to all those who have responded thus far...appreciate your reassurance and yes the electrician has advised that he is certified.....

Thanks electrical Safety Services!! this is exactly what he has done... I was thinking about it being accidently damaged which is why I posed the question.. The job is not finished yet and he has to come back at second fix so I do not have a certificate yet. I will point this out to him and see what happens. Thx again for your sound advice..

Ysuperdry 29th Oct, 2011 Electrical
4 Answers u10

KVA load for my property?

Good afternoon,

I am in the process of applying to get overhead cables moved, and the company have asked me to supply my 'Load details - breakdown in KVA'

Can anybody advise me how I find this out please?

Many thanks

Ysjbu 14th May, 2011 Electrical
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2.5mm wire for 4.2kW oven


My electician has rewired the house and installed a 4.2kW oven (with a separate gas hob). The oven radial uses a 2.5mm wire with a 20 amp fuse, and the length of the wire from the consumer unit to the oven is about 4m. My builder has told me that the 2.5mm wire is unsafe, but my electrician insists it's okay because the oven has no hob. Can anyone confirm whether the 2.5mm wire is safe and compliant with the regulations?


Thanks all, much appreciated.

Yneil999_43 9th Apr, 2014 Electrical
5 Answers u10

Part P Certificate following a new extension

We have recently had extensive buliding works carried out which involved a full rewire. The work was carried out and a NAPIT certifcate provided after the works were completed. The problem is the local council say this does not equate to a Part P certificate and they won't sign off the electric. I've done my best to insure the trader was qualified, the works been checked and certificate sent to building control but it's not enough, am I missing something?

Ymgc 11th May, 2012 Electrical
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Hi id like to run an outside switched wall light

The wall light is 60w,please could anyone give clear detailed instructions or diagrams.The wall i want to put it on is outside the kitchen window so could i run it of the fused switch to the fan if i do away with the fan and if so how,or any other suggestions.
Many thanks

Ydavids 6th Mar, 2011 Electrical
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