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Electrical Questions

Our expert electricians have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as indoor and outdoor lighting, certifications and qualifications, rewiring, appliance fitting, electric showers, kitchen installations, extensions, extractor fans and much more.

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Shower cable 6mm or 10mm

Please advise, I have just had my flat rewired, kitchen and bathroom installers say that the 6mm cable is not sufficient for the best modern showers, that a 10mm cable should have been installed.

Both the installer and the electrician who did the rewiring are registered.

What is currently considered best practice, and if a matter of opinion, should the customer be consulted during the rewiring?



A clear decision from experienced electricians, which is helpful.

All four electricians agree that 10 is the current industry standard, including G W Electrics, who carried out the rewiring of my flat, and provided only 6 for my shower, how arrogant!

Thanks to the other 3 electricians who kindly responded to my question, if only my rewiring had been carried out by one of them.

What exactly can one expect to be included in a total re-wire

I am currently modernising a 1904 3 bedroom terrace property in South West London. The last time any major changes to wiring were made would have been 40 years ago.

I am having most walls and ceilings replastered and floors repaired as necessary (only loose floorboards). I need to reposition tone boiler and one radiator and install a new kitchen which will mean relocating the cooker to the opposite wall and the addition of an extractor hood.

I have been given a quote which seems quite high given that all of the structural work (chasing etc) associated with a re-wire would be done in parallel and the price for the consumer board installation has also been given separately. Surely this is the main beast for a total re-wire. I am also being quoted separately for existing sockets, isn't it the additional sockets that would be extra? Is security lighting and interlinked smoke alarms not also included?

I would be looking at two security lights (one back and one front), two interlinked smoke alarms, 10 downlighters for the kitchen, four wall lights and 12 additional double sockets and 6 TV/SAT/Aerial and 5 additional telephone sockets.

Grateful for some advice as to what total re-wire actually means and an estimate of what one would realistically expect to pay an electrician for the re-wiring element of the modernisation.

How to wire a intermediate switch?

How do you wire a intermediate switch iv got 3 door ways 2 enter a room, all with I switch at each door way all to operate the same light.

Running power cables to garden shed

Hi, I want to run a permanent power cable, attached high up on a stone wall, to a garden shed about 20m from my external (ie outside wall) power socket. It would power a low energy light (11w?) and occasionally either a small power tool or a 2kw heater in winter months. Given the power load and distance would external-quality 2.5mm power cable be man enough? Should it be run through a protective conduit to add protection from UV / weather conditions? Thoughts/advice most welcome, rgds Paul

Replacement electrical shower

Please help
2 years ago I had a new bathroom fitted and the fitters also replaced my electric shower
Since then I have discovered that my shower has no separate box or fuse and it occasionally trips my oven
I have found out that the bathroom fitters put the shower unit up and did not check the cables etc they just used what was already there. The bathroom company supplied to Cerys or documents to say this was done by a qualified electrician. Could someone clarify the requirements before I speak with the bathroom fitters

How to get part P certificate?

Our electrician re-wired the whole flat, gave us an Electrical Installation Certificate and a Schedule of Circuit Details for the Installation, but the Council Inspector tells us that he hasn't registered the part P certificate. We have tried for a month to contact our electrician but he has disappeared.

What can we do now to get the part P certificate? And how is it different from the Electrical Installation Certificate?

Many thanks for your help!

Adding an extra light

To add an extra light to a room, I assume you will need to chisel out a channel from the existing light switch in order to lay the extra switch cable.. Is there an easy way to do this without damaging the existing switch cable or is it best to just assume you're going to damage it and replace it?

Electric cooker installation? please help...

I'm due to move in to a new build flat at the end of August, they were meant to be wired up for electric cookers, but there is no hard wiring point just a double socket where cooker goes, although there is a red cooker on & off switch. Builder has told me just to put a plug on it, but is this safe? If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, thanks.

thanks for all your help guys at least now i can get it sorted without being fobbed off :)

Bathroom and kitchen renovation - would I have to get my fuse box updated?

I am considering getting some renovation done in my bathroom and kitchen. I noticed my fuse box doesn't have an 'rcd' main switch just a black on, off, but the smaller fuses are resettable fuses. Would I have to get this updated? Any help greatly appreciated ... Fuse box possibly 29 years old...

consumer unit

My consumer unit has no "spare" to accomoate my new hot tub,do I need to replace it?

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