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Damp Proofing Questions

Our expert damp proofers have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing mould patches, rotten timber, causes of mildew, damp basements, rising damp, floor construction, flooding and waterproofing and much more.

1,035 Damp Proofing questions

Damp from 'defective roof coverings'

Hi there,
I am currently in the process of buying a two bed victorian terrace house and the Estate Agents have recently had a damp survey carried out on the property (3 weeks ago)
The company have quoted for DPC treatments in the stairwell areas and the kitchen and have also stated that:
'Areas of damp were noted at high level in the rear bedroom and landing. This damp is due to defective roof coverings'
This is the damp coming in from the ceiling of the rear bedroom that was evident when I viewed the property and I suspect is where the chimney is.
I had first thought that getting this sorted was included in the quote that the Estate Agents had passed on but now realise this will extra cost..
My first question is how do I go about getting a quote for this will I need to get a roofing specialist? Then do I need another person to sort the damp?
I know it is almost impossible but looking for a ballpark rough idea of how much this is going to cost, I realise this will involve either scaffolding and a scaffold tower. Any information gratefully received!
Many thanks

Damp stain to exterior brickwork

Not sure if this is strictly a plumbing question but I'm at my wits end so I thought I'd give this a go. Months and months of visits from various people to try and work out where my water leak is coming from. Bubbling and damp above lintel in lounge (ensuite above) and damp stain on external brickwork level with lintel In the lounge. Have taken out shower tray and shower enclosure- still none the wiser- no signs of water staining. Reluctant to put new shower back in without looking at the damp stain on the exterior wall, in case it is the interior wall cavity which is wet and holding the stain wet on the outside? Would I be able find someone who can drill into the brickwork and put a camera inside the cavity to find out if it is wet inside or not? Many thanks in advance, sorry for the long winded description!.

drimaster good idea and requirements for installation

I just read somewhere that drimaster is very good in preventing the smaller damp issues.
My flat is ~1903 is being an older property - ventilation is always the problem.

Also, how difficult is it to install? Any specific requirements, does it needs to be connected to anything?
Any information would be appreciated to establish if it is a good idea to have and how to get it done.

thank you very much in advance.

celler sump pump

if a sump pump has already been fitted in a celler that seems dry and the mortgage valuer has said he requires a specialised damp and timber report
should i pull out of the purchase now as i do not have alot of spare cash to spare

Damp in upper bedroom

I live in a 1930 terraced house with an alley way (access to gardens) between adjoining houses on the ground floor - upper walls are shared. Double course of bricks in external walls and cavity wall insuration done two years aoo. Have noticed wet walls on external back wall and shared wall in far right hannd side of back bedroom. First noticed clothes haning in there (just a rail and curtain in front). Shared wall will have bedroom of house next to it. House is currently empty and up for sale. Had house refurbished three years ago, new wiring and heating included. Can you steer me in the right diretion polewase.

Rising damp or need for repointing?

I've just moved into a mid terraced 1900s property. I've started removing the anaglypta wallpaper to decorste. The internal facing wall is fine but the paper on the exterior facing wall felt cold and the underside of the paper was mouldy. Now the paper is off , the plaster underneath looks wet in some places but isn't wet to touch. There isn't any salting and no tide marks but is this rising damp? Or could it be that the outside front wall needs repointing?

Mould around my windows

I have mould appearing around my windows. This is only happened in the last year to 18months well since I have some work done on my roof. Can anyone help please

Need someone to advise on best way to tackle dampness issues?

Hi- I would like to get someone out to our house to give advise on what steps we need to take to improve dampness within the house- currently upstairs 2 of the bedrooms seem to have a bit of a damp problem- but we are not sure, whether it is a roof issue- if the windows need replacing, if the cavity walls need insulating or all of the above. We would like to have someone to come and have a look and provide advise on what is best to do.

What should I do to get rid of the damp in my house?

A few years back, our house seemed to have insulation problems and so we had a specialist check the whole house and fix the problems, so the insulation was fixed in the attic, the doors and other places around the house. Both before and after this, we had a little bit of damp/mould appearing in the house, but only in one room upstairs and the roof of the bathroom (assuming this is what is called penetrating damp).

Since it got very bad, we had someone come to fix it, which included them adding a damp sealant in the places it was bad inside the house, putting a fan in the bathroom, and replastering all the walls inside, then painting over them.

AFTER that, our damp problems are a lot worse than before: damp is appearing in every single room, it is appearing on the tiles in the bathroom (even though there is now a fan which we didn't have before), it comes very quickly so pretty much needs to be cleaned every single day, and there is a lot of build up of water on all the windows and the house is always cold.

We don't know what the problems is or how to tell what the problem is, how to fix it, who to call, or what options there are. We just really want to get rid of this damp problem.

I'm confused about everything really, I read an external coating should be applied to stop moisture getting into the house (which needs to be reapplied every few years, such as Stormdry?), or that the brick walls and roof need to be completely sealed (but then people debate over "breathable" coating and one that is a completely waterproof sealant, or a lime seal thing I don't know), or that the problem is internal and something was done incorrectly (maybe insulation or something).

I am extremely confused and irritated because we had a small amount of damp before (in comparison to now), spent a lot of money thinking we'd finally solve all the problems, then it comes back much worse. I know that was long but please could someone help me out here? I know nothing and the damp is bloody everywhere.

Is it possible to damp proof my wooden floor boards that lie over a sub floor?

Is it possible to damp proof my wooden foorboards? I get water under my sub floor when it rains heavily and i would like to put laminate flooring down over the floorboards but i am worried that the water under the boards will lead to the laminate flooring getting damp and warped. Any suggestions?
Kind regards

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