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Damp Proofing Questions

Our expert damp proofers have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing mould patches, rotten timber, causes of mildew, damp basements, rising damp, floor construction, flooding and waterproofing and much more.

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1,070 Damp Proofing questions

White salt patches on chimney breast above skirting

Hi all tradesman

I very much appreciate all your help as i have posted before to ask advice.

From my recent post im not going to do what i said i was doing from all the great advice i have.

To put all the advice together, hack off down to brick.

Put on some anti sulphate stuff to cure salts? where will i buy this what is it called?

Then mix up sand and cement is this portland cement and sand, but to what mix.

And then multi finish.

Or is it some kind of water proof specialist plaster by thistle etc but what is this called where buy from before i put the multi finish on to trt try again.

Ive read not to repaper straight away my biggets mistake i made from my last attempt, i didnt hack enough off, didnt go to brick, but did do a ready mixed mortar and multi but lasted days, and it never really dried.

Hear from you all soon and kind regards

we have damp patches appearing in random patches on roughcast - lot of snow in gutters in dec &the guttering and facias are fairly new - no probs previously

Could someone give me a rough estimate of how much a dampproof course would cost for a terraced property of about 5 m x 10 m

Flat roof extension has bad condensation and damp and is v. cold

there's a small air vent in the room and an electric heater which hardly changes anything. I'd like to fit a downstairs loo in the room but want to tackle the condensation problem first!

What kind of tradesman do i hire to check the cause of a damp issue, preferably with a boroscope.

Damp smell in one bedroom but no obvious sign of damp. Any ideas?

Hello, We have a damp problem with all the external walls in our semi detached house, how will we know we are dealing with a legitimate company for advise? many thanks.

damp dots showing through plasterboard studs

I live in a conversion done in the early 70s. On many of the walls inside there are damp dots spaced fairly evenly in vertical lines where the studs are. Presumably the dots are where the screws fix the plasterboard to the studs.

Is this simply condensation, or does it indicate inferior construction?

Thanks to all who have replied. I am thinking of cutting out a piece of plasterboard to get more information about the construction inside the wall before working out what to do.

Do I need to have a sump pump installed in my cellar if I am having it water-proofed?

cellar has black rot due to poor ventilation and is under ground level, but has never flooded before. I have had several damp-proof companies come to have a look, and some say it must have sump pump due to BS regulations or something, and others say, no the floor is dry so doesnt need one, just needs p20 membrane tanking system and humidistat fan.Please advise me, it's alot of money to gamble and I dont know who to believe.
thanks a million

what can i use to seal pricks before plastering

Hi, please can you advise what is a good brick sealer to use to stop very minor damp prior to plastering.


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