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Damp Proofing Questions

Our expert damp proofers have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing mould patches, rotten timber, causes of mildew, damp basements, rising damp, floor construction, flooding and waterproofing and much more.

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792 Questions: Damp Proofing


What can I do about condensation on bedroom walls?

My house is 1930's. I am fairly sure we don't have cavity walls but we do have double glazing. The 2 back bedrooms have a problem on the walls with what i think is condensation. When it gets cold the walls get wet, resulting in damp, particularly in areas where furniture etc is in contact with the wall. The small back bedroom is the worst as it has 2 outside walls and is also very cold. I would like someone to take a look but not sure what I would be asking them to do as yet. Any advice would be appreciated to steer me in the right direction.

Many thanks,

Nickie Heath

Yheath 1st Feb, 2013 Damp Proofing
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How to fix damp, mould, cracks and flakey plaster

We have a 1930's property and we have recently found several areas inside the property (both floors on external walls) where the walls and skirting are damp to touch. There are some areas that have mould and there is a lot of flakey and soft plaster on and around the ceilings on the upper floor rooms. We suspected the gutters may be overflowing so these have recently been cleared and we planned to get a dehumidifier. We want to replaster one of the bedrooms that is particulary bad however we want to be sure we have identified the problem. Since clearing the gutters most of the areas have improved however there is still moisture in other areas. I have also now noticed a lot of cracks around the house and I am unsure if these were here before. The cracks are generally around door and window frames but there are small cracks all over the house. I don't know if I am becoming a bit paranoid now but I would like to be sure that there is not a bigger problem before I arrange to have anywhere replastered. Should I get someone round to inspect? And if so, who do I need to contact?
Many thanks

Ynoahsark_52 21st Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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White fluffy mould

We have a very old terrace and under the front window and side wall we have something growing on the walls. It is white and fluffy. You can wipe it away, but it keeps coming back. Any ideas? The house is near the seaside, I don't know if that is relevant?

Ythemadstans 20th Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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damp chimney breast in bedroom

the chimney breast on the gable end of my house (bedroom) has damp patch at the top where it meets the ceiling and the top part of the wall itself is wet. how do I solve this issue ?

Yspitts 20th Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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Heat Recovery Ventilation System for Condensation in home

I am living in a mid terrace house and have bad condensation in two of the bedrooms - upstairs exterior walls above double glazed windows. The condension has lead to black mould growth which i now want to deal with urgently before it affects my daughters health.

I do not have any ventilation currently in the bathroom and also dry washing in the house, which i know are both adding to the situation.

I have been looking into Posative Input Ventilation systems and also Heat Recovery Ventilation systems.

Can anyone give any comments on which are the best systems to use, average price for installation in a three bedroomed mid terrace approx 1940s property and also any reviews on whether the systems have helped clear up the problems/saved on energy bills/or left properties feeling draughty would be useful.

Yeperry79 20th Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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The wall was tanked 1year gone September, the builder was called out within a year as damp appeared he said it is due to lack of venatlation. The problem is now the same as it was before he tanked the wall the plaster/paint is bubbling off the wall and is black. He gave me a certificate of guarantee 30yrs+ He is coming to see the wall again this week. Can you advise me on what action we need to take to correct this problem. We have concrete floor with laminate on top we do have airbricks and the doors are always open.

Ylynnwhite62 17th Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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Mould cleaning/prevention on rafters


After some recent water ingress due to ridge tile cement coming loose (now fixed), I have noticed what looks like superficial mould/mildew on the rafters in the loft.
Please advise on the best way to clean this, and treat the wood for prevention afterwards.
There seems to be some conflicting information on the web.

Many thanks


Ymarkj_49 4th Jan, 2013 Damp Proofing
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damp in bedroom

I live in a house about 300 years old on the bottom, 22 inch thick stone walls. It was built up in 1924 to become two storey. Upstairs is not stone, think it is brick and all has been rendered and Sandtexed. Main bedroom is damp, and grows black mould. DPC Inspector came and said DPC working well, but it was condensation, we needed to ventilate more. We have had the wall paper taken off the walls, and a "barrier" of a PVA glue and water mixture put on the walls in July. Then painted over the top to allow it to breathe. An elderly parent has the room, with a night storage heater on low, so opening windows is a problem. There is a dehumidifier going 24 hours a day. Still we have black mould appearing and I'm thinking now of putting another "PVA barrier" on top of the paint, then the 2mm polystyrene on top of that, and then paint it again. Do you think this will help? I cannot afford to have someone in to re-plaster. Can anyone help please with any further ideas? Many thanks.

Ycarol_577 29th Dec, 2012 Damp Proofing
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New damp patch on upstairs bedroom ceiling

I noticed a large damp patch on the upstairs bedroom after coming back from holiday. It seems dry to touch and I cant find any wet areas in the attic. What is the likely cause? Which tradesman would normally deal with this issue?

Ycmahindra 4th Dec, 2012 Damp Proofing
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9inch wall block then rendered wall. Will it always be cold and continue then to have a condensation problem?

Hi I work in the trade doing property repaires, I have found a bungalow to rebuild, just had a survey done and it notes that it isn't cavity wall just build in 9 inch brick/ block then rendered. What does this really mean? Is it always going to be cold and continue then to have a condensation problem?

Ystuartrobinson 4th Dec, 2012 Damp Proofing
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