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Architectural Services Questions

Our expert architects have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as planning permission, structural surveys, hiring the right architect, architectural drawings, saggy roofs, removing walls, extensions, building plans and much more.

187 Architectural Services questions

Cavity wall insulation

When building a masonry wall with an insulated cavity, is the cavity meant to be fully filled with insulation or is it meant to be partially filled with an air gap.

My builder has fully filled a 75mm masonry wall cavity with rolled insulation, same kind you put down in loft floors. A friend told me that there's meant to be an air gap to prevent water transfer between layers.

Please advise

Many thanks

what is needed?

how many days will be needed to complete this work?

Front of House External Window Sill on 1880's Victorian Terraced House

The concrete window sill at the front of the house has a huge crack in it and has dropped approx 2. Would like to know what type of tradesman I should contact to get it fixed. Thanks ever so much.

Knocking through internal wall to create large room

Knocking through internal wall to create large living area between living room and 2nd reception room. I believe it is a studded wall and house is approx 15 years old. A Radiator and light switch will also require repositioning.

Adding a downstairs toilet - Lawrence 2 Bed Semi Dargavel Ave Bishopton

Hello I am thinkig of buyimng a 2 bed Lawrence semi det house that does not have a downstairs toilet. As my son has a disability this would make it difficult for him to visit and we are wondering what cost of adding a toilet would be. House has been extended to back off kitchen to add a family/dining area and access to back is directly out to garden from centre rear wall. Think originall rear entrance was off side of kitchen. No hallway in house really just small area then directly onto stairway to upper level. Kitchen is directly off living room.

drawings for an extension and council fees

Hi there! I am planning to have an extension at the back of my house. It will be 5mx3m so 15 square meters. I had lots of quotes for the drawings that are really different in price. So I would like to know what is a common price for this type of drawings? Considering that this extension will fall into TEMPORARY PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT what would the council fee be?
thank you, fabiana
P.s. I forgot to say I live in Sheffield...so i am interested on the fees to be paid to sheffield city council

What is this fishy smell

Hello. I have seen a similar question posted. I hope someone can help me.

Every now and again possible once a week or so I notice a strong fishy smell in my hallway, in the corner of the hall. I have smelled paintwork and flooring but nothing seems to actually smell but the fishy smell lingers in the air.

The building is Victorian terrace flats. I'm a ground floor flat with a basement flat below and two flats above me.

There are no plug sockets or visible wiring near where the smell is strongest
Please help.

Who do we ask to draw up a roof structure plan for a Rooflight?

We recently applied for planning permission for a roof light and drew up all the plans, etc ourselves. Our house is not listed but is in the curtilage of a listed building and we have been granted permission on one condition:

3. Design Details - The rooflight shall not be installed until a plan at a scale of 1:20 showing the works required to the existing roof structure to insert the rooflight has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details.

Reason: To maintain the special architectural and historic interest of the listed building and to comply with saved policy AB7 of the Adur District Local Plan

I asked if our builder could provide these plans but they said they couldn't. Do we need an architect or a surveyor to do this as it seems a very expensive option for a small rooflight!! Can anyone help???

Single storey extention covering the whole width of house

I am having plans draw up for a single storey extension 3m out 4m height well in planning permission, so why does my architect want me to go through the motions of planning with the council which will take up to 2 months. Do you think this is necessary or should I bypass this and start the build. Don't want to regret it later or have to stop. Would greatly appreciate your input on this matter.

I want to extend over 3 meter's deep and have semi detached house

On the left side the neighbour has a 3 meter extension already so from his mid point at a 45 degree angle I could go to 3.8/4 meters without blocking his view. On the other side the neighbour has confirmed to me he would not object as he wants the same, I understand only 3 mteres falls within permitted development what are the chances of me getting 3.8/4 given the new relaxed laws

Also if the neighbours don't object could they still refuse?

do I do a 45 degree angle from their extension or original window?

This extension is within 2 metres of the boundary and size will be 6.5 metres wide 4 meters deep

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