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can the rubber sealants be replaced around double-glazed window units rather than replacing the whole window; windows installed at least 15 years ago?

Thanks both for your advice. It is much appreciated. Have now approached a couple of window fitters for quotes. Regards, Neil

Ynleacy 1st Mar, 2011 Windows
5 Answers u12

Yes you can. pull out one and take it to any UPVc windows and doors shops,they'll be able to give you the right one and fit it by your self.All you need it a pair of good scissors.
Hope it help.

Stylish Sash Windows 20th Mar, 2011

Does sash window draught proofing need to be done by a FENSA firm?

I need to have my 4 year old sash windows draught-proofed in order for building control to sign off on the original window installation. Do I need a FENSA registered company to do this or is it ok to use a handyman firm that advertises this type of work? There seems to be a big cost difference between these two options which makes me think that a handyman service may not be doing a proper job.

Update: thanks for your advice. I'll look for a handyman on MyBuilder in that case.

Ypeter 1st Mar, 2011 Windows
7 Answers u3

you don't need a FENSA registered company to do so unless you have your windows completely restoration new (box and sashes).
replace new sashes to existing box frames are not required FENSA.

Stylish Sash Windows 11th Mar, 2011

Roughly how much would it cost to replace casement windows with traditional (wood frame) sash windows please?

A whole house with 1 bay window and c8 other windows.

Yjjr_67 16th Mar, 2011 Windows
10 Answers u3

Hi. If you looking for cheapest way to have your windows done and best quality of work.
First of all I'll come to see you, give you the advice of what kind of glass you will need (regulation restriction reason) and all other steps to save you money.

Stylish Sash Windows 20th Mar, 2011
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