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LPC Maintenance ltd

  • Member since 13 Feb 2012
  • wLocation: Cricklewood
  • rFeedback score: 120 jobs 93% positive
  • lInsurance verified: Limit £5,000,000
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199 jobs won, 120 feedback comments - 93% positive

  • Stanmore offices

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment, North London

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • replace shower enclosure

    The job was done professionally to the highest possible standards.

  • Toilet cistern leak

    A bit of confusion at the beginning when the tradesman didn't turn up on the scheduled day. he had been delayed at another job but it took me ringing and asking before I knew what was going on. Having said that when rescheduled the workman turned up on time, was efficient, friendly and explained every step of the job. Lovely guy and very pleased with the work so overall a positive experience.

  • Replace existing electric shower

    Fast efficient service

  • Supply & install door entry system to four flats

    Pro-longed effort to get the work agreed and electrician to site but when works were done he was polite, helpful and quick and the installation is great.

  • Leak within bathroom wall

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Finishing touches to a kitchen

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Make good/paint ceiling

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • New Boiler Installation

    Jan installed a new boiler and wet under-floor heating, he was professional and polite, did the work in the time expected and kept me informed of what was going on at all time. I Would recommend LPC

  • various household handyman jobs

    Responded quickly and turned up promptly performed a number of odd jobs within the day and worked really hard on an extremely hot day. Polite and pleasant to have in the house. Thanks!

  • Replace bath sealant.

    Swift and polite response.

  • Replacing bathroom window

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Ceiling light needs fitting

    Couldn't be better, will definitely use again

  • Fit roller blinds

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Re-Grouting Tiles in Bathroom around bath tub & shower

    Not the cheapest but reliable and responsive. Turned up on time on the same day I contacted them and completed the job quickly without making a mess. Would consider the company again in the future.

  • Remove bath, replace & add new waste etc

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • apply brick sealant on long ladder

    simple job completed quickly

  • Maintenance Work

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Few odd jobs

    Decent work - not outstanding nothing standing out to complain about. Required quite a lot of involvement to ensure job was done to my specifications but all done great in the end.

  • Plastering over newly installed extrical cable in wall

    Fast, on time and a good job. Thanks

  • Double glazing and central heating

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Repairing and painting bedroom wall and skirting

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Repair to guttering

    Punctual, very polite, completed job quickly

  • Fixing broken light fixture

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Maintainance for a leak

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Repair or Supply and Replace 6 light fittings.

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Take down light fixture in NW3.

    Great service! Fast and good price!

  • Re-grouting

    Overall happy with the quality of teh work done.

  • Drilling shower holder into tiles, securing shower scre

    Very polite and thorough, job well done.

  • Quick job mainly shelving!

    Bit pricier than some but guy came on time and did the job, overall quality acceptable.

  • Fix squeaky floors

    Was given different info by different members of the admin staff when it came to quotes for the job and paying the total bill, however this was all sorted out quickly and without any problems. The labourers themselves were very good, and finished the job to a good standard. Would consider using this company again.

  • Toilet

    Great, very efficient and quick service. RECOMMEND!

  • Bathroom Pump repair\replacement

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Remove unused gas pipe (to gas fire), misc. plumbing

    A small job, but done to good standard with quick response time.

  • replacing a floor tile

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Reapplying bath tiles

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Replace broken ceiling plaster wall/ quote

    It was a straightforward job. The staff on the phone was helpful, and the worker came on time and left the place tidy. It was not the cheapest place around, but a quick and reasonably well done job made up for it. I was a bit surprised by the need to pass them on my card details before starting the job. However, they didn't take any money until the job was finished and after I checked it. The initial quote included some paint work, but I ended up not needing it and re-adjusting the price for the work minus painting was not a problem, everything went smoothly.

  • Garden/Back Fence

    On time, quick, friendly. Recommended.

  • Ceiling lights not working

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Shelf fixing and kitchen tap tightening

    Very punctual and offered advice of other issues...

  • plumbing for the new gas hob

    The job was done, but it was too expensive.

  • IKEA Shelves handyman

    Nothing but positive feedback for LPC Maintenance. Very polite and helpful over the phone and quick in responding to requests. A job very well done the first time, I hired them again a second time and wouldn't hesitate to hire again or recommend to others!

  • boiler flue replacemetn/fix

    fast, cheap and honest. thanks

  • various jobs around the house

    V poor work. We asked for a section of wall to be replastered. I had to call them out five
    times in order for them to come and complete the job properly. Every time it was left unsmooth and full of holes. It is still not right. I have had another handy man round since to give me a quote to paint the room and without any promoting he volunteered the opinion that the wall was plastered poorly. Im going to have to get it done again. They also were meant to refit top of skirting board, which it took them longer than necessary to do.
    LCP wanted to take payment up front and they would have done so, except luckily for me my card had expired, so they weren't able to do so. Otherwise I'm not confident they would have been so keen to come back and complete the job.
    They also rehung a door which was fine. For smaller jobs they seem okay, but for bigger jobs I would not recommend them. For price, and it was expensive, I expected a highly professional job. It was much less than professional.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    Engineer returned to site and the works the client was unhappy with were not the ones we had quoted for but additional which LPC carried out free of charge to ensure customer satisfation.
    The plasterwork that the customer refers to was not carried out by LPC but by a previous contractor who clearly left the work unfinished as had also been unpaid. LPC would not take payment until job had been signed off. After we had returned numerous times to carry out further additional works which the customer had attempted to gain free of charge. Further to this client provided incorrect payment details to avoid payment. LPC tried to contact client over 20 times over a period of 2 weeks to obtain payment on completion of works. Be aware of client.


    good worker,very tidy,good standardof work would recemend him

  • concrete foundation for shed and removal of old shed

    excellent and efficient work - would certainly recommend LPC Maintenance again .

  • Install Glass Shower Screen & Re-Tile (Labour Only)

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Remove and replace existing shower cubicle

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Sliding Door removal

    Quick, nice and clean. Happy with work and speed of coordination and arrival to site.

  • refurbishment

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Various small jobs

    Excellent job and really friendly handyman! Overall, the service - with quote over the phone and ease of card payment - was very professional.

  • Replace damaged floor tiles on underfloor heating

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Various odd jobs

    Although the electrician himself was pleasant and helpful and completed the job, the office staff I dealt with over the phone were extremely aggressive and unpleasant people to deal with. There was also a minimum fee which they had not made me aware of. We reached a compromise on this, but only after escalating it to the manager.
    I will never hire this company again and would not recommend them.

  • Replacement boiler and water tank repair

    This job took 4 days rather than the expected 2 days, however to be fair, it was due to a couple of unkmowns that cropped up. The actual job was done very well and as far as I can tell, no corners were cut.

    The team were good, polite, seemed to know their stuff and didn't dawdle, (athough the Gas Safe qualified person who came to give the quote, wasn't there the whole time. Other subcontractors did alot of the work, and the gas safe engineer only did the bits where I guess it's required that a qualified person is involved, So I guess if that bothers you, you should clarify who it is that will be in your home, doing the work in advance).

    The price was fair after a bit of negotiation. As others have said, as they did a good job, paying a bit more seems reasonable.

    Overall I'm happy.

  • Patch up tiles on path to front door

    Job cancelled due to lack of agreement between our flats but Omar was very polite and understanding.

  • 2, possibly 3, walls in lounge to be painted

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Connect gas fire to gas mains

    Very helpful and polite service. Managed to find an existing pipe that could be used, making the job much neater and easier.

  • Kitchen ceiling 4x2.5m painting

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Fix 2 x Wall lights

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • ceiling light wires conection

    good and honest, will use them again.

  • Fence repair

    The job was priced up and completed on the same day. Work was carried out to a good standard and at a reasonable price. Overall we were very pleased.

  • Move electrics for kitchen remodelling

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Bathroom tIling, some decorating, flooring,

    The worst i have ever seen. The info I received suggested a single operator skilled in his field but instead it was a company,LPC Maintenance, that recruited not very skilled individuals to do the job very badly. I have paid for the work of skilled trades people but got amateurish work done.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    Very shocked at this feed back as throughout job customer was very happy and not once mentioned a problem , have tried to call and discuss but no reply.

  • Regrout and remove unwanted tiles around fireplace

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Bathroom floor tiling

    very impressed, with job - quick and high quality finish, I would use again

  • Boiler repair and service

    Plumber quickly diagnosed problem and suggested solutions / provided advice for my consideration

  • replace existing faulty shower, refit tiles and make go

    They weren't cheap, which I wasn't interested in, as I wanted a good job doing, but I do feel they weren't transparent about the job, the plumber was told to expect to be all day doing the job, unfortunately they never told me that. The quality of Andy's work was very good, however I was disapppointed that I had felt "had over" by LPC.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    Customer was told 6 to 8 hours work and accepted job, we also didn't charge a weekend rate, she is happy with the job so very confusing to her issues

  • need to repair a gutter and clear gutters

    Helpful and did as requested within the time agreed

  • regrout tiled wet floor in shower room

    When I hire someone on Mybuilder or similar sites I try to find a small local tradesman who I employ directly. Normally they will be able handyman with no special skills or qualifications but can turn their hand to a wide rang of jobs. They would be happy for a fairly modest amount per hour if fully employed each week, £15-£20 per hour but of course for bitty work one would expect to pay more.
    Sometimes I hire what seems to be an intermediary who has a list of available handymen willing to come from near and far to get the work. In this case I expect to pay a premium but I do expect some added value in that the intermediary will have some relationship with the actual tradesman and assess, monitor, and inspect the job and communicate with the tradesman.
    In LPC's case I understand that their guideline is £70 an hour. In my opinion I got very little of value for the implied premium and I will not be using them again.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    customer was fully aware of our organisations procedures prior to booking the job, the price given was a fixed price quote, and because our engineer completed the works in a shorter time than the customer expected the customer is disgruntled,

    If the job took our engineer longer i am sure he would not have called us offering extra money.
    job was completed to an excellent standard as mentioned by the customer but has managed to find something to complain of.
    his approach was give me a refund or ill put a bad rating !!!!

  • Sealing leak around patio doors

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Electrician needed at short notice

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Kitchen Floor

    expensive - but did a great job.. (Kevin) the tiler was friendly, knew what was needed and laid a great new floor.

  • Bathroom needs re-grouting

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.


    Had a large crack in the plaster work due to house settling. These guys came in and fixed it up in no time at all. The repair works look great. Would recommend

  • Gas fire removal, boiler check, rads

    Polite gas engineer turned up on time and finished the job quickly to the price quoted

  • Annual boiler service

    The guy who came around was great. Very friendly. Plenty of good advice and explanation of what he was doing and why. Very happy with the service.

  • Boiler fault

    Very quick response and efficient, reasonably priced and helpful to my tenant. would recommend

  • Painting bedroom

    Very efficient, job done well.

  • Sanding, painting, awkward picture hanging etc...

    As noted by others LPC are perhaps a bit more expensive than your average (but were very clear on the pricing) and for me the price was worth it for having very high quality work done in a short space of time working entirely within my short notice period and required time frames. I would use them again.

  • Very simple job: Assemble a wardrobe!

    Did a really good job and completed the assembly qickly. Nice and professional tradesman also.

  • fixing a tv wall mount for two tvs

    The repair man came on time and did the job to a reasonable standard.He was polite and knowledgeable and was a tidy worker. I did notice on one TV after that the screws were quite loose to the wall on one TV but that was easily rectified. I do agree with the other comments regarding the pricing as I felt they were not transparent about it - however they did come to an agreement with me in the end which I felt was fair.

  • Fit ceiling light in lounge and lamp holder in cellar

    Very polite and friendly, and above did everything quoted within the hour. Many thanks!

  • Broken kitchen hob needs mending

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Regrouting and sealing of tiles around bath/shower

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Retiling external Step

    Very good communication skills from the office and the tiler very good;polite, on time and worked diligently. Very happy with the completed job. Would hire again. Although not the cheapest around, good workmanship.

  • Repair damaged ceiling due to leak

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Electric Shower wiring inspection

    Was available for callout very quickly. Prompt arrival at agreed time. Electrician was very knowledgeable and took into account all work which had already been undertaken when approaching problem. Very pleased with service.

  • Fencer - Back Garden Fencing

    The job was carried out to a very high standard. I was very pleased with the end result and with the length of time taken to do the job. The workers were very knowledgeable of their trade.


    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Fix Water damage to ceiling and leaking roof vent

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Replace silicone sealant everywhere

    Kornel was very efficient with getting job done. It was costly, but he took a great care to make everything right. There was a slight hiccup with payment later, but it was quickly fixed. Thanks for good job!

  • Handyman For NW2 Required

    LPC Maintenance Ltd, Paresh, Omar and their team are exceptionally professional. Having recently hired some horrendous builder/decorators to undertake works at our property, we were thrilled to have Paresh and his team resolve a number of items that our former firm had botched! We will hire LPC Maintenance to undertake more works and have no hesitation in recommending them to others - something we can not say for other similar firms!

  • Removal of two radiators and boiler tidy

    The engineer was late and had not been properly informed by his company of what the job entailed. The work he did was to a good standard. The company tried to overcharge me and then were extremely rude when I challenged them. Will not use again and would not recommend.

  • Gas pipe to be capped

    We had a gas pipe capped in October 2013. LPC charged the quoted price (no extras and add on's) and completed the job in the estimated time.
    Came at short notice at the time they said they would. Reliable and good service
    Nice chap on site and office staff helpful and quick to respond. Excellent.

  • Shower resealed

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Removal of gas coal effect fire and replacement fitted

    Very pleased with the work carried out, they went the extra mile to source the fire when local suppliers were out of stock. Excellent and friendly communication from the support office staff.

  • Lino Flooring removal

    Good work - The contractor Florin came on time and completed the work in a timely manner.

    I would not hesitate to use them again.

  • Installation of induction hob and 2 wall lights

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • ceiling bulge inspection

    LPC were fantastic: organised, fast and honest.

  • Electricity test and boiler inspection

    Disaster from start to finish, didn't contact me when they could not make allowed time, due to van unfortunately being broken into. Then couldn't reschedule for a couple of days. Had to chase for reports etc.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    an unfair comment as we called several times but would go straight through to voicemail, it was beyond our control that the engineers van was broken into so had no tools to do the job, the reports were sent through straight away but bounced back as customer gave incorrect email address.

  • Leaky radiators

    Good response, and the work is done quite quickly, but there's always a bit of haggling to be done over the price!

  • fit a gas hob

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Fix hole in hollow wall caused by door handle -- URGENT

    Work was done very quickly to an okay standard but expensive.

  • New lock installed in front door

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Repair or replace a gas ASAPPlog fire

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Swap out bathroom sink for a new one

    Great service, came and did the job quickly and to a good standard. flexible on timings when I had to change last minute. Would use again.

  • Repair or re-install Towel Rail

    Job done on time, without any fuss or area left spotless. Can't ask for any more.

  • Multiple jobs - newly purchased flat

    Full renovation of 2 bedroom flat was done professionally and very quickly. Would recommend.

  • Fit new gas fire. Gas Safe Only. + Fit garden Tap

    Good outfit, did the job on time and on budget. Would recommend.

  • Small job - drilling!

    Easy drilling job (we just didn't have the attachments) but he turned up happy and punctual and got on with it. It was a little on the pricey side!

  • Registered electrician (NAPIT,NICIEC) heating/lights

    Explained work to be done and completed work in promised time. Cleaned up after himself also.

  • Need 3/4 large porcelain floor tiles replaced

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Paint hallway, kitchen and dining room

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Small Bathroom Refit

    I was very pleased with my experience of using LPC and I’d be happy to recommend them. They were very efficient and dealt extremely well as the scope of the job expanded as the work was undertaken. They did an excellent job of controlling costs without compromising on the quality of the work undertaken, which was extremely good. A pleasure to deal with.

  • Replace toilet

    Not the cheapest but sounded the most reliable. On time, very efficient & clean & left the area spotless. Kept exactly to quote. I'm pleased with the firm & the plumber.

  • Unvented Immersion Water Heater - need specialist asap

    On time, all work completed within the hour, no more hot water issues!

  • tap shower repair

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Refurbish a very small bathroom

    Team were really friendly and accomodating. Work was carried out in less time than quoted, which was great for me. I was satisfied with their work and I would use them again.

  • Disconnect gas oven and install electric oven

    Great job. Thank you.

  • repair and restoration

    job was outsourced to a Romanian subcontractor, leaked after only 10 months, paid him to fix it only for it to leak within weeks again; not happy

  • Install a shower cubicle and supply, and washhand basin

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Dishwasher. Pipework & Fit

    Quick to respond to the ad, and a gentleman arrived quickly to quote for the job. We were able to discuss terms and I accepted the job with a good price, less than I planned. The job was completed quickly, and no mess was left. The gentleman was very skilled and had good advice

  • Shower replacement

    I am very happy with the professional job done by Paresh and his team. This includes not only a very tidy job of fitting the electric shower and tiling in my bathroom, but also the communication before, during and after the job. I was kept informed over the email and phone of all the details of the work and the workmen were on time on all occasions. This was very much appreciated because I am a landlord who lives a fair distance away from the flat in question. It was a pleasure to hire LPC Maintenance to do this job and I will use them again in the future. Thank you, Andreea

  • Hanging 2 mirrors

    Paresh carried out a really good job hanging two mirrors. He was quick, efficient and left no mess. He even disposed of the packaging.

  • Outdoor sensor light replacement

    Were able to complete the job the very next day. Outdoor light installed quickly and efficiently, job well done.

  • Bathroom ventilator and light socket

    I received an email within an hour of posting the job, a call within two hours and an electrician was on site within the day. Friendly, professional, and happy to do the smaller jobs quickly and efficiently. A great service. Highly recommended!

  • Service of manifold/power supply

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Bathroom tiles

    Very professional, arrived early and got the job done. I unfortunately did not get the name of the guy working, he was very polite and took extra care. He did a very good job and tidied up after himself. I would recommend them, and use them again.

  • Various odd jobs

    Florian did a super job. All the variety of things we asked for help with he did in a super efficient way. V. pleased. Thanks!

  • Staircase needs tightening

    Completed on time and kept informed of price

  • fix small gas leak & reset boiler

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Electrician

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Water pressure in bath/shower & 1 radiator not heating

    A couple of different guys came out from LPC over the course of this job and contradicted each other a bit. But overall they did a good job, were reliable, reasonably priced and I would consider using them again.

  • Wall refurbishment (plastering, electrics)

    Good work. High standard finish. Most of the team is very professional and they leave the place as clean as possible. We used plasterer, electrician and gas engineer. Would recommend.

  • Loud banging in boiler when hot water is run.

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Remove electric oven and replace

    Great - sorted me out the same day with someone to come and fit my new oven when left high and dry by John Lewis. Really nice sensible guy assured me I didn't need different fuse/fuse box and had the whole thing done safely and easily in under an hour - will ask these guys to do future appliance installations no question - thanks !

  • Tiling.

    The tiling work was quickly completed and to a high standard. Recommended.

  • Dual Fuel Range Cooker Installation

    Excellent response time. Flexible multi-trade Services provided. Fair pricing. Will use again if the need arises... Recommended!

  • fit a bath in small bathroom

    job completed on time to a satisfactory standard. Worker worked quickly with minimum disruption.

  • Investigate electricity tripping out on a regular basis

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Ensuite floor retiling, fixing leak & resealing shower

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Repair/replace Mira Electric shower

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • boiler repair

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Overflow under sink (slow drain)

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Pressure boosting pump continuously running

    Very competent plumbers.

  • Repaint ceiling, replace sealant, immersion heater

    Working to a tight timescale as a tenant was moving into the property, LPC undertook the work (replacing a bathroom) swiftly and to a high standard. I would use them again.

  • Gas heating, boiler and shower pump review for a house

    Very good work and very professional. I recommend LPC maintenance and will definitely hire them again.

  • Fix Hissing Radiator pipes and TRV problems

    The problem with my TRV valves was diagnosed for replacement (typically the hissing sound in the pipes had gone away by the time the LPC engineer showed up so there was nothing he could do about that) and then a subsequent visit to sort install the new valves was arranged quickly. Overall I had a positive experience of LPC Maintenance Ltd and would use them again.

  • Security lighting repairs

    LPC went above and beyond to help me out with the job. Despite a problem with their booked guy they found someone else to complete the job on the same day. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Great service, very courteous and polite, a job well done. Would recommend.

  • Cutting metal tank

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Fitting brand new bathroom extractor fan.

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • two flats in same block need toilet repairs

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Estimate to install a new radiator

    very efficient, fast and professional. I would strongly recommend them.

  • Repair an intercom

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Electrical shower installation

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Replace bathroom tap

    Despite some initial complications the job was completed to a good standard and any concerns were addressed quickly and well.

  • Putting a PCB into a gledhill unit

    Job completed promptly and efficiently - really good communications. Would definitely use again.

  • Hot water has stopped working in flat

    Good experience. Came when they said they would did the job to the quote. No complaints!

  • Combi Boiler repair

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Rigid riser with no hot water

    This long standing problem seems to have been solved. I have a hot shower that doesn't drip when not in use. The service was efficient, unfussy and sorted really quickly. As it's not just plumbing that they do, this is a company which is useful to know about.

  • To investigate possible plumbing leak

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Problem with hot water boiler function

    Very nice chap, on time, and the plumbing problem was tracked down and fixed quickly.

  • urgent electricity check after water damage

    The electrician was prompt, efficient and friendly. Would recommend for emergency call outs.

  • Re-paint a bathroom ceiling 1.65m x 2m

    Mateus arrived on time, was very polite and did a great job.

  • Replace burst fitting.

    I found the worker to be very knowledgeable who displayed a very high degree of confidence in what he was doing. I would like to pass on my thanks for repairing my heating.

  • Run hot & cold water pipe into a new room etc

    I hired LPC as I needed to find quickly a builder, plumber, carpenter. They provided the men quickly and helped finish the job on time and to specifications.

    However, I was disappointed when they sent me the bill as they made several mistakes. It took us 3 revisions and bill updates to fix the bill to what i thought was right; in the end the final bill was reduced considerably to what they would have wanted to charge me!
    So my suggestion is if you hire them: be very clear upfront with them on costs and make sure you check well the time the workers spend on site and their time sheets! Otherwise, they may (intentionally or not) end up charging you very dearly.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    Customer was clearly advised we charge VAT as any company of our size does, this was
    repeated to him several times to which he acknowledged, the work as admitted by the customer was on time and to a good standard, and worked around his busy schedule. The job was to run the pipework but we also fitted the appliances for free

  • Fixing leaking/badly draining office sink

    LPC arrived when they said they would (or called to let me know why). The workman was polite, tidy and very understanding when the works where delayed due to Office training. The works where completed much more quickly than I was expecting. Would highly recommend them again.

  • Heating issue: potential power flush

    LPC were really good. Booked in very quick, the guy who came was friendly, explained everything and did a great job. Recommended.

  • Shower fitting

    I was charged per visit (not per hour as I was explained initially) and got hostile customer service when I queried the billing. In the end, I was charged the rate of a second hour rather than 2 first time visits. Quality of work was good but the experience was unpleasant.

    LPC Maintenance ltd's reply:

    customer was made aware at the beginning of charging structure of £65+vat 1sthour £45+vat per hour thereafter per day, then tried to hold ransom to not charge "or else ill put a bad feedback" ruthless to deal with penny pitching dishonest women -
    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE they are not nice at all !

  • Flushing out of radiators/Boiler maintenance

    Very good service, arrived on time and worked steadily throuhgout the day. Job turned out to be bigger than initially planned but changes were clearly explained and professionally done. Certainly my "go to" heating engineer for further problems.

  • Fix central heating/hotwater

    Very happy with the service, engineer arrived when he was due and I was kept informed of progress. I would use LPC Maintenance again.

  • Install copper pipe along basement ceiling

    Quickest response time I've ever had on mybuilder! Very quick, efficient, and good quality work. They were able to work around the old pipes and in a very messy basement. The new work is neat, connected to the basement ceiling and there are no leaks.

  • Flood into flat below from my concealed toilet cistern

    I was extremely satisfied with L&D Building Services. Lucian was
    excellent, knowledgeable, reasonable, very pleasant and I would definitely
    use him again. Thank you for providing such a good service.

  • Heating- Heating pump replacement

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • gas fire and combi-boiler service

    Arrived when they said, even with the short notice I gave on posting the job. And job well done at the competitive cost they quoted.

  • x 2 gas safety checks

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Guttering

    Attended very promptly and reconnected a down pipe that had disconnected high up at the back of our property. Were happy to climb the garden fence to get access as we were not at home at the time. £100 for a few minutes work, but I'm sure that's the going rate

  • Blocked bath

    The plumberr turned up on time, and did a thorough job

  • Blocked Urinals in Office Building

    Job was quoted yesterday and completed today - quick efficient service. Waiting to see the bill, but if as quoted I will be very pleased to recommend LPC.

  • Repair to Ferroli Modena 102 boiler

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Leaking bathroom sink and dripping kitchen tap

    Jitu was really prompt and polite. The company returned my calls. The problem was fixed the same day - Jitu knew the local area and went out to get replacement parts. He cleaned up after he finished. Really happy with the service, I would use this plumber again.

  • Boiler leaking problem

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • New boiler & powerflush

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Service Boiler

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Urinal Installation

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Fix 5 down-lights and a bathroom light

    Excellent job - he arrived before I had set off for work and had found the problem and begun working on it before I even needed to explain the issues we had had. Very efficient - he worked hard to complete the job within the first hour which I thought was excellent. Trustworthy company, and trustworthy man.

  • Hot water / central heating

    LPC were quick to get back to me and were able to arrange a same day visit, job was relatively simple to fix and was completed within the hour. Andres the plumber was friendly and helpful and would happily recommend him.

  • Heated towel rail installation and boiler service

    Very professional work. The plumber arrived on time, was very polite and cleaned up after the work was completed. Very satisfied with the work done.

  • 1st Floor Overflow Pipe Needs Redirecting

    They eventually turned up and got the job done quickly, to standard and at the price estimate.

  • Installing belfast sink

    Very efficient and tidy. Came at the time they said they'd be here, and advised me of quicker and therefore cheaper ways of the completing the job.

  • Boiler not working - No hot water or heating

    Turned up promptly and quickly fixed the issue.

  • Dishwasher installation

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • Heating engineer

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • pipes leaking under kitchen sink

    On time and reliable

  • Installing water filter and other adhoc

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

  • New install, boiler replacement with new gas run

    Quick and reliable. Recommended.

  • Kitchen hot water pipe slightly leaking

    All done as expected.

  • General handyman needed today or tomorrow

    LPC Maintenance ltd has been hired for this job.

2 References

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    I have always found Paresh and his crew to be reliable, quick to respond, reasonably priced and and trustworthy. I have worked for several major property management companies in and around London and have used LPC at each one, and they have carried out projects from minor day-to-day repairs to complete refurbishments.

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    Paresh installed a brand new boiler. They had removed remove existing and made good after. The workmanship was a very good standard. The project was on time on budget and they were able to send workman as soon as possible. They also provided photographic evidence of repair progress which I found reassuring.