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We are a carpentry company who specialize in door fitting with many great competitive offers on a huge selection of doors. We also cover all other carpentry works. Our profit margins are low so that we can offer the most competitive quotes and we always strive to get the best price on materials.

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Work History

I did my training through an apprenticeship with Carillion for 2 years. At the end I came out with NVQ and Diploma levels 1 and 2. During that time I was with many contractors doing various jobs including kitchens, doors, flooring, skirting, architrave, frames, pipe boxings, radiator covers, shelving, storage cupboards, decking, garden furniture etc. Most of my apprenticeship was working on building Aston University student living with a major joinery firm MWS. Once I had finished my apprenticeship I started to work for myself and carried out many jobs including a 14ft square decking job which was 4 foot above ground level. I then went to work for MWS again for 9 months working on a school in coventry then bournville college. I have now started on my own again and have been for over a year now.

Qualifications & Accreditations

DIPLOMA LEVEL 1 AND 2 I am able to take any task on I quote for I strongly believe the experiences I have had help me to complete all jobs to the highest standard. A lot of my work is from doors, frames skirting and architrave but I also love to do my own personal designs especially with garden furniture. I have also recently created a worktop and unit for a study to conseal a safe.

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