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i have a combi boiler which has a red light flashing flame failure

boiler is only 2 years old and the red light flame failure is flashing I have tried resetting but it is not working. The boiler is a baxi main combi 24 he

Ymaz54 28th May, 2011 Central Heating
4 Answers u2

Does it have an overheat thermostat which has to be manually reset? if not, I think I would start by making sure the gas supply to the boiler was ok and carrying out basic electrical checks (short circuit). Then possibly checking the thermistors.

PM Gas and Heating Services 28th May, 2011

Central Heating Boiler Vents

My elderly mother has a central heating boiler in a cupboard in the middle of the house. The exhaust gases are expelled via a pipe which goes out through the roof. There are pre-existing vent holes from the kitchen into the cupboard. I am sorry, I don't know what boiler she has except its not a combi-boiler.

She has been told by several plumbers that the size of the vents needs to be increased. And that, additionally, either the boiler has to sit on an outside wall or a vent has to be cut into the outside wall (not practical as she suffers from the cold and has multiple health conditions).

What I am not clear on is:

- why direct venting to the boiler is a requirement; and

- whether this could be achieved via a flue which allows fresh air and exhaust gases along the same pipe (albeit in different sections).

Any advice or thoughts would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Ymelrachelle 3rd Jun, 2011 Central Heating
4 Answers u4

The boiler make and model details would be required to give a good answer. However.....

Is the boiler open flued? If it is, the boiler takes air for combustion from the room/cupboard it is installed and therefore the ventilation has to be correct to allow the correct amount of air in. If it is not open flued, the ventilation is just for keeping the boiler cool. As for your question about using a flue, again if the boiler is open flued then no you cannot fit this type of flue and if it is a room sealed boiler it already has this type of flue.


PM Gas and Heating Services 4th Jun, 2011
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