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Ask a Tradesman answers

Below are this tradesman's answers to questions posted by our community.

What is the best method of installing mdf skirting boards? adhesive? plugs & screws?

I agree with hampshire carpenter
If You have the luxury of a 2nd fix nail gun then you can tack the mitres with this or you can buy mitre fix which holds the mitre perfect
If the walls have been plastered then make sure they are dry first otherwise they won't stick
Best regards

Cleverley Builders 9th Sep, 2011

Bathroom re-fit - help!

Hi nursey14
It seems a bit high depending on the cost of the bathroom suite. We have just completed a bathroom refit for less. Where abouts do you live.
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 30th Jan, 2012

I want to add a Balustrade with wooden spindles to my staircase

It would take 2 carpenters 1 day at 180 per man and 60 waste removal
420 plus vat 84 - 504.00 plus material

Cleverley Builders 9th Oct, 2011

i have a inspection cover where i want the extension to go, ca this be moved?

Hi Kam
it depends on who owns the drain you or wessex water.
If its you you can lintel over the pipe, if its wessex water you will need to contact them.
If you need any more help contact me
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 11th Jan, 2012

Felt under roof tiles has split - what are the options?

In my opinion the best way for a quick repare would be to lift the tiles around the problem area, cut the batons back out the way and replace the damaged felt with a breathable felt. Then fix back the batons and relay the tiles.

Cleverley Builders 25th Apr, 2012

Do I need a permit from the Council to demolish and rebuild the front wall of my house?

depending on your area but as long as you dont rebuild the wall to much out of character no ones going to mind as long as its not a listed
you can fit new doors and windows like for like but you will need FENSA registered installers for re-sale purposes
it is quicker to dot and dab the wall and skim over as there is less drying times involved

Gary Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 25th May, 2011

Flexible mortar - such a thing?

the best way to fix this (without looking) is expanding foam down the joint then mastic, mortar is sand mixed with cement this will always crack as the door is always in use, a good tradesman would rake the joint then expanding foam then mastic/silicone over or if over 12mm a timber/plastic bead would be idea cost from 30-60 depending on how far away they have to travel or if you are handy then your local diy shop can sort you the tools you need remember to wear gloves with exspanding foam and easy on the trigger as it can get messy any excess should be left to cure hard then cut back with a sharp knife best of luck
kind regards Gary Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 26th May, 2011

Is it usual to request for a 50% deposit before any work has been completed, especially when the company is not VAT registered ?

you should agree a 20% deposit and 3 stage payments as the works progress. Also work to a schedule
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 3rd Aug, 2011

The felt(I assume it's felt) inside the roof area of my 4 bed house, although the forth bed is a newish extension, is hanging of in places. Is this going to be a big

Hi Molly_36
It sounds like your felt has perished. You may need to replace soon, ie refelt & batten, you may be able to reuse your tiles.
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 18th Aug, 2011

whats the best way to take down lining paper thats been painted over?

you can buy a spiked roller to break up the surface of the paper then use a steam stripper, the spiked roller allows the steam to penatrate the paper

Cleverley Builders 23rd Aug, 2011

Toilet Cistern Slow to Fill

try cleaning the fitting you may have grit in the washer which may have been disturbed when fitted

Cleverley Builders 12th Dec, 2011

Who to hire if bathroom needs damp proofing and many other works?

Hi beatrice_28
We have carried repairs simular to your problem, if you are in the Bristol area please contact me otherwise get in touch with the Federation of Master Builders.
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 12th Jan, 2012

How long should it take to have a studded wall & 5 internal doors to be fitted?

build the stud and insert electrics 1 day
plaster walls 3 hours
hang doors 1 day
so around three days give or take

Cleverley Builders 25th May, 2011

can anyone advise how to fit stand pipes for a free standing bath. My builder/plumber is struggling to understand how the plumbing works - over or under floor tiles? Thank you

couple of ways build a false wall next to the bath to run services in or get the right tap gear for the bath
go to plumb city and look at the displays theres options but its your choice how to do it without seeing the layout or the room thats all i can say

Cleverley Builders 7th Jun, 2011

Do you need to repoint ridges

Hi Scott
If the mortor pointing has become porus or missing then there is a possibility of water ingress running under the tiles and into your property. You need to remove the ridge tiles clean off the old mortor bed and relay on new mortor.
Mike Cleverley

Cleverley Builders 3rd Aug, 2011

we recently had some brand new fitted wardrobes put i the bedroom. after a few months we found the clothed to have gone mouldy. the builder will not come back.

If its on a external wall u may need to vent it a good quality builder would return and view the problem and sort it if it needs vents then all he need do is charge for the vents
Good luck Gary

Cleverley Builders 13th Sep, 2011

we paid our builder for our new windows but the joiner he uses will not make the windows as he says the builder has not paid him. What can we do?

if you still owe money to the builder for other work hes doing use that to pay for the windows and deduct it off ur builders final bill
dont pay any more money to the builder untill hes up to date with the work

Cleverley Builders 28th Oct, 2011

Grout may have become porous would grout sealer sort it for the time being?

try masonry silicone

Cleverley Builders 17th Nov, 2011

can you use sandtex paint on inside walls?


Cleverley Builders 21st Nov, 2011

i have discovered 2 cracks in my shower cubicle floor. its plastic. is it possible to repair or do i need to change the base? what kind of cost would i be looking at to change the base?

Depends how big the base is and the style you need, will the tiles stay the same
working on a 750x750 basic shower tray around 200-500 fitted inc encloser

Cleverley Builders 15th Dec, 2011

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