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Have I been overcharged?

I'm renovating an entire flat, and the builder has quoted £2000 to install a new floor.
So far the only work done is to remove the old carpet and we have not decided what floor we are replacing it with.

I don't know the floor space either, because the contractor is not telling me. So i dont know how much we would Need to spend on laminate or engineereed wooden flooring.

It's a two bedroom flat, and my guess to the size would be about 85m sq.

So, to me it seems very expensive just to install a new floor and would like to know if I am being ripped off.

Ysaltank 23rd Jan, 2012 Flooring
5 Answers u14

sounds strange, i agree in 100% with JR Floors

bestlaminate 15th Feb, 2012

Can wooden flooring be put over carpet?

I live in a housing association flat and can't remove my carpet and with two kids it just isn't practical, iv heard of flooring being put over carpet before but is it waterproof? Do I need to buy any additional materials?? Thanks in advance! Dess

Ydess_83 8th Mar, 2012 Flooring
5 Answers u1

Cheaper does not mean better. Don't do it

bestlaminate 4th May, 2012
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