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New Builds jobs in UK

First Floor Extension and new roof - Linlithgow EH49

  • Location: Linlithgow
  • Hired: K & S Builders Services (Scotland) Ltd
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

My current house has a rather unusal profile where the first floor is smaller than the ground f loor.

I now have building regs approved to make the first floor the same size as the ground floor and also to put a new roof on the property.

I have drawings that I can email out that were provided by the architect.

* Added 22nd February, 2012 :
The First Floor extension will include two new bedrooms and a new bathroom. One of the new bedrooms will have an en-suite also.

The ground floor rework involves knocking down the wall between the bathroom and kitchen thus making the new kitchen twice as big as the current.

There will also be a cloackroom added downstairs.

New build of 5 bed house in Pyecombe, near Brighton

  • Location: Brighton
  • Hired: East Sussex Builders
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

This Job had been reopened we wish to contract someone as soon as possible.

Project management and construction of a new build timber frame house in Pyecombe North of Brighton. Detailed planning permission obtained for 3000sq/ft 5 bedroom house, simple chalet style design(drawings supplied on request).

I have a full tender document which I will pass on to interested builders.

1. I would like an works complete up to first fix and all rooms plastered, exterior clad and complete, 2nd fix of kitchen, living area, 1 bathroom and master bedroom.
2. You can assume that a timber frame manufacturer will supplier and erect the timber frame.
3. You can assume that a number of 2nd fix items such as staircase and external doors will be supplied.
4. Final quote should be fixed price.
5. Estimated start date of mid January this year.

Build me a self-contained studio in garden

  • Location: Barking
  • Hired: affordable building company
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Would like to hire a local builder to build a contemporary (modern looking) insulated studio in my garden not greater than 24sq.m. Budget of £10-12k max.

Not a brick work. It will have a small shower and toilet facility with a kitchenette. The only furniture that will be in the structure is a sofa-bed. I can email you a sample of the type of building .

Quote to include labour and materials.

Please note I have already received quotes from larger established firms but wondered if the job can be done by a local instead for a fraction less.

Porch Extension

  • Location: March
  • Hired: NLB Construction
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Construct a 4' X 3' double brick porch extension under current overhang with door and one rectangle window and one round window. Tile to concrete interior space. No planning permission needed.

build 8m x5m block and render extension

  • Location: Alston
  • Hired: Jackson Construction
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Build to drawings 8mx5m 2 storey extension.

New Build

  • Location: Kyle
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Quote for entire build

1.5 storey traditional 4 bed house
Footprint approx 150m2
Conservation Village, North West Coast of Scotland

Start build April

single story extion

  • Location: Westgate On Sea
  • Hired: B & S General Builders.
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

single story rear extion

Build a brick-built building in garden

  • Location: Loughton
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

I would like a brick built building in the garden (to use as a gym). Approximately 12ft x 10ft. This will be started from scratch so would need footings.

The building will have 1 door, possibly 2 windows (all double glazed). It will need to be insulated and have electricity. The building cannot exceed 2.5 metres height so therefore the roof will either be flat or with a slight pitch (quotations for both will be needed). It will need to be rendered on the outside and plastered on the inside.

Please provide rough estimates for all materials/labour and also approximately length of time to complete the project.

Many thanks

* Added 12th September, 2010 :
Also need to have halogen spot lights in ceiling

Assemble Greenhouse

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Hired: one-builder
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

I need someone to assemble a 6' by 8' greenhouse. I live in Sheffield.

Building a Garden Shed Base

  • Location: New Malden
  • Hired: td construction
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description


I need a 8.5' x 8.5' concrete base made for my garden shed with a depth of 6". Please let me have a quote for the work pls.


Adil Zafar

bungalow extension

  • Location: Shrewsbury
  • Hired: Dwayne Pilling Construction Ltd
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

buuiler for bungalow extension near Shrewsbury.2 bedroom extension to include 1 en suite bathroom. Approx size 2.5 m X 8m. red brick under tiled roof.

House refurb with extension

  • Location: Bristol
  • Hired: 3CBuild
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Support chimeys
fitting new shower bathroom
fitting new cloakroom
fitting new kitchen
new boiler, plumbing and radiators
certify electrics

* The following information was added Thursday, 16th July, 2009 :
Formation of single storey extension
Demolish existing part single storey outhouse including taking down chimney stack and grubbing up floor slabs.
Construct new underground drainage to service first floor bathroom, kitchen and ground floor WC with new manhole externally (not as shown on Architects)
Construct foundations not exceeding 1.00mm below existing ground level (no allowance for possible underpinning to adjoining property foundation) together with suspended timber floor.
Construct external walls as construction notes, including facing brick to match existing and window and door opening. Also include for working around existing retained single storey outhouse.
Construct pitched roof as construction notes including insulation, plasterboard as flat ceiling with lightwell and velux rooflight
Supply and fix UPVC patio door to kitchen approx size 1790x 2090mm
Apply two coats plastering to walls.
Externally allow only for temporary reinstatement around new extension.
Work to adjoining properties roofs/ walls in construction of extension.

* The following information was added Thursday, 16th July, 2009 :
Alterations and Improvements to Ground Floor.
Enlarge existing opening to new kitchen area.
Form door opening in existing stud partition and make good.
Cap and support chimney in loft above bedroom 1 so that chimney can be removed by owner
Provisional sum on above for possible support to first floor structure.
Cap and support chimney in loft above bedroom 2 so that chimney can be removed by owner
Take out 3 no doors and lining from Hallway/ Dining/ Kitchen and partly block up openings with studding, plasterboard and skim and also form opening for pair of doors
Form new partition to form re-arranged kitchen and cloakroom with studding, plasterboard and skim.
In new partition install 2 no new single doors and ironmongery together with lining and architrave.
In formed opening in existing partition install 1 no pair of doors and ironmongery together with lining and architrave.
Supply and install new soil and vent pipe with section in new kitchen encased with battening, sound insulation and plasterboard and skim. Also supply and install wastes to new sanitary fittings.
To sink, washing machine and dishwasher position in kitchen install wastes, hot and cold water connections.
Replaster rooms after new plasterboard fitted to upstairs rooms

* The following information was added Thursday, 16th July, 2009 :
Electrical and associated installations.
Work to wire from existing position of incoming mains to consumer unit (provided by client). House to be cabled by client but require testing and certification by qualified electrician

Heating and hot water installation.
Install high flow gas heating boiler together with 8 radiators (including three designer supplied by client for Bathroom, cloakroom and hall) and hot water supplies and fix only santiary fittings for Bathroom and new downstairs shower cloakroom

* The following information was added Thursday, 16th July, 2009 :
Quotation to exclude the following:-
Building control fees
Costs associated with Party Wall Act
Removal of any asbestos material found in the alteration work
Client to carry out following works
Take out and remove existing kitchen fittings
Disconnect existing gas boiler and remove all radiators and hot water services
Disconnect Aga heater and remove from site.
Take down partition between Living/Dining and make good.
Take out sanitary fittings from first floor bathroom including wall tiling, soil and vent pipe waste pipes.
Take down ceilings to first floor and new plasterboard
Supply of sanitary fittings
Wall tiling
Floor finishes
Supply and fit of kitchen fittings
External services, no allowance for any replacement/ upgrading

* The following information was added Friday, 17th July, 2009 :

I understand there is a scheme where the water board will connect a pipe installed to the road to the mains supply for free. Therefore please add the cost for new mains water supply pipe from the roadside to back garden as current pipework to kitchen is lead. Front garden approx 6m long to wall plus 2m to road.

house extension

  • Location: Yeovil
  • Hired: LNH Developments Ltd
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

We've currently got a bungalow in the shape of a 'F' and have recently optained full planning to 'in-fill' the area with a single storey extension.

Plans are available on the south somerset council website. Planning number 09/02761/FUL

Plans/regs done for extension

  • Location: Maidstone
  • Hired: Building Design Studio
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

Plans/regs for a side and back extension. They need to be done asap

help with some planning

  • Location: Maidstone
  • Hired: Building Design Studio
  • Trade: New Builds
Job Description

help with some planning

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