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Landscape Gardening jobs in Bridgnorth, Shropshire

patio laying & returfing

  • Location: Kidderminster
  • Hired: wootton paving services
  • Trade: Landscape Gardening
Job Description

I need three tree stumps removing at the top end of the garden and the lawn re turfing approx 25feet by 9feet. I also need the patio re doing 14feet by 9feet. The only access is through the house as I live in a cootage

To rebuild a retaining wall. Rebuild steps.

  • Location: Bewdley
  • Hired: r steatham building & roofing contractors ltd
  • Trade: Landscape Gardening
Job Description

A garden wall has partly collapsed. It is 3 or 4' high and approximately 6' of it needs to be rebuilt. It has a gentle curve. The garden is terraced and so it is holding back a bank. Also, there are a few steps beside it which need to be rebuilt. They are currently made from wooden posts put into the ground and wooden posts behind them keeping the earth back. I would like the steps to be more substantial and ideally made from brick or stone.
It would be difficult to get a very large van to our house, unfortunately, due to the narrowness of the road leading to it.

Turf Laying

  • Location: Bridgnorth
  • Hired: JAD Building,Maintenance & Landscaping
  • Trade: Landscape Gardening
Job Description

Turf laying. Extension to existing lawn. Condition is good, but ground will need some levelling. ( Nothing major). Also removal of small tree. This is a garden that is open to the public three times this year- first opening May 4th.

Stepping Stones

  • Location: Bridgnorth
  • Hired: wootton paving services
  • Trade: Landscape Gardening
Job Description

10 stepping stones (paving slabs) in lawn down to allotment area.

Fencing & paving

  • Location: Wolverhampton
  • Hired: wootton paving services
  • Trade: Landscape Gardening
Job Description

I need some fence panels replaced, my shed changing for a bigger one and moving to another location in the garden. I also need some paving replaced and a new paved area added.

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