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Handyman jobs in UK

To saw off some metal posts from an old fence

  • Location: Kilmarnock
  • Hired: STR Property Services
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

Looking for someone to remove some metal posts and metal brackets from an old fence

* Added 17th April, 2014 :
Probably need an angle grinder

Finish Tiling Kitchen Walls & Install Cupboard

  • Location: Rainham
  • Hired: sjs properties
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

We need to tile the top foot of our kitchen walls (previous owners had a false ceiling which we have now removed - but they did not tile the area).
The room is roughly 8ft6 x 8ft 6 but we only need 2 rows of tiles at the top of the walls to be added.
we have already purchased the tiles, grout etc. We will have one row of tiles that match the current tiles on the wall (plain white 6x6) and one row of mosaic tiles.
We also have an area above a current cupboard which needs a "false" cupboard added onto it - we have the door for this cupboard but need some one to advise how best to attach this on (it will be there for aesthetics only but if we could use it that would be ideal).
I am the owner of the property and I am actively seeking to hire a tradesman ASAP.

painting garden fencing

  • Location: Blackburn
  • Hired: SJF Property Services
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

painting of a large garden fencing
live in great harwood - need it doing before plants
grow. nice fencing that needs painting.

Fixing Two Large, Heavy Mirrors to Plasterboard Walls

  • Location: Manchester
  • Hired: Yoocan
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I have two large, heavy mirrors that I would like to hang on plasterboard walls. I bought them both off eBay so I don't know the exact weights of them.

The smallest of the two fixes to the wall with screws but the larger, heavier one can be hung either with screws or a chain.

I think there are regular studs behind each wall if that would help.

I am the owner of the property and I am looking to gather quotes with a view to hiring a handyman soon.

Please ask if you need any more information.

Thanks, Claire

Remove stairlift and 3 hand rails a.s.a.p

  • Location: Kilmarnock
  • Hired: STR Property Services
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

Reove stair lift and dispose of remove 3 grab rails

* Added 23rd April, 2014 :
Disposal of dismantled stair lift 153 inches long very heavy a.s.a.p

clear flue exit

  • Location: Leeds
  • Hired: pk builders
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

External flue needs shrubbery and branches cleared from it to allow gases to clear.

Adjust ill-fitting door and fir new toilet seat

  • Location: Peckham
  • Hired: New Installation and General Maintenance
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

As described in title

Bath side

  • Location: Chatham
  • Hired: ABR Handyman & Building Repairs
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I have a white enamel bath which needs a new side panel.

2 pictures and 2 shelves

  • Location: Manchester
  • Hired: Yoocan
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I just need 2 shelves putting up and 2 pictures hanging

Fence gate and ceiling hook

  • Location: Bromley By Bow
  • Hired: Plumbing
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I am looking to hire a handyman for 2 separate jobs:

Fence Gate - this has come off due to stormy weather. I still have the gate but the hinges and the wooden pole where the hinges were attached need replacing.

Ceiling hook installed - This is a relatively small job, but requires a good drill as the ceiling is made of really tough material.

Quick job mainly shelving!

  • Location: Westminster
  • Hired: LPC Maintenance ltd
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

Need a few quick jobs doing around my apartment as all the walls are stud so i need appropriate screws/plugs
1. Shelves in bedroom and kitchen need putting up
2. Glass shelf needs putting into tiles in bathroom
3. Large heavy mirror needs moving from one wall to another and a second mirror gluing to bathroom wall (I can help)
4. Remove wardrobe doors and put up curtain rail.
This is a really quick job but due to the hight of the ceilings and stud walls I'm not confident doing the job myself. I'm looking for quotes so I can hire a tradesman ASAP. Thank you

Re-painting summer house and fix/paint wooden door

  • Location: Braintree
  • Hired: Home & Garden
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

Summer house needs slight maintenance and cleaning down/painting. Also wooden garage door needs fixing and painting. Braintree.

fitting some loft stairs

  • Location: Dagenham
  • Hired: Plumbing
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I have recently bought some loft stairs with all the fittings and am looking for someone to fit them

Take apart decking with saw

  • Location: Highgate
  • Hired: Charles Bell Refurbishments
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

Decking area, 3mx4m, raised 1m. Wooden planks. Need help taking it apart - someone with electric saw who can saw planks into shorter (approx 1m long) pieces. Job does not include taking wood away, we will do this. We will be at property with 1 man to help. Will take up to 1 day. We are looking to hire ASAP.

Painting 2 Rooms. Lay Laminate Flooring in 1 room plus

  • Location: Grantham
  • Hired: Todd Joinery
  • Trade: Handyman
Job Description

I require the Kitchen and living room re-decorated, then Laminate flooring laid in the living room, also 2 Fence panels replaced.

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