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Flooring jobs in UK

Laminate flooring laying & flat pack wardrobe building

  • Location: Crewe
  • Hired: KRB Carpets and Flooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I'm looking for someone to lay some glue based hardwood/laminate flooring ("Deco Wood") in my 10m x 3m entrance hallway. It is currently carpeted, so the job would include removal/disposal of the current carpet, possibly levelling out the concrete base, laying the new flooring (including finishing around doors/skirting). I only have the flooring, no other materials.

I'd also like a flat pack wardrobe building. It is approx W1.5m x H1.8m x D0.6m (3 door, 2 draw).

Both rooms will be cleared to work in. I am the propoerty owner and I'm actively looking to hire a tradesman due to being let down by someone I'd previously agreed to do this work.

Disabled wet room vinyl

  • Location: Pudsey
  • Hired: DSM flooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

To install new vinyl to a disabled wet room approx 4sqM, all materials are on site ready.

Put wooden flooring into two double bedrooms

  • Location: Lancaster
  • Hired: Philip Forshaw
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

Put wooden flooring into two double bedrooms

Laminate Floor laying

  • Location: Stockport
  • Hired: Premier flooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I have one room (Master Bedroom) of Laminate flooring to lay. Room size is 4.04m x 3.61m
I will have another two rooms to do in the near future.

Just a price for the one room please!!

Real wood floor needing laying.

  • Location: Newport Pagnell
  • Hired: SJN Home Improvements
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

We have the flooring but need it laid please. The room is 12 meters squared.

Residential subfloor and hardwood flooring installation

  • Location: Northampton
  • Hired: CM Wooden Flooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I live in a terraced house that needs a new subfloor and solid hardwood flooring installed. I am looking for a quote for this work.

How many rooms are involved and what type? 2 rooms on the ground floor
Do you need the tradesman to supply materials? yes all materials should be supplied by tradesman.
What type of wood? - any solid wood. Cost is a concern.
Is the flooring solid, engineered or laminate?
Do you require flush fitting or beading? Yes
Will rooms be cleared of furniture? They can be.
Are you the property owner or a prospective buyer? - Yes
Which statement best describes your needs? - I need labor and expertise on installation recommendations. Subfloor will also have to be installed.
I am actively looking to hire a tradesman - Yes
I am looking for a guide price or advice - I do need a quote prior to commencing work.

Engineering Wood 55 m2

  • Location: Wanstead
  • Hired: GW Flooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description


I am looking for a quote on flooring a dining room, two bedrooms and entrance area with engineering wood, around 55 m2.


fiiting sheet vinyl

  • Location: Nottingham
  • Hired: sbflooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I have 2 rooms that need vinyl fitting;

the bathroom is small (3x2m) fairly simple layout and i have the vinyl already purchased waiting to go down. Ideally I could do with this fitting asap.

I will also have a kitchen to do, once it's been fitted in 2 weeks time - this is about 3x4m. (yet to decide on the vinyl!)

would you be able to quote me for one/ both jobs? if it's cheaper, i would consider waiting to do both at the same time, but ideally, i'd like the bathroom to be done soon!

Fitting karndean floor to large open plan kitchen

  • Location: Nottingham
  • Hired: R Britain flooring specialist.
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I am actively looking for someone to fit karndean floor to open plan kitchen (3.5x4m), dining room (5x4m) and extension (5x4m) plus a small utility room (2x3m).

The floor is concrete throughout, and was laid approx 5 weeks ago in the extension but is much older in the other rooms. Most of the old flooring tiles have been removed, but some remain in the kitchen and utility room and will need removal prior to fitting.

We own the property. Will consider sourcing the karndean ourselves or fitter to supply it.

Hardwood flooring supply and fit.

  • Location: Bognor Regis
  • Hired: Toolbox
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

Hardwood flooring installation for a living a conservatory L shaped room approx 30m2.
Please note the actual postcode for the job is PO21 5DX but as this is a new estate this site did not recognize it.

Fit solid wooden floorboards in v sml Double bedroom

  • Location: Cricklewood
  • Hired: CJS Wood Flooring Services
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

Hi there,
We have purchased 5 boxes of solid, brushed & oiled oak flooring for our downstairs room c. 2.5x4m, along with underlay.
We recently had the room damp-proofed fully, but the door frames were never removed, & as such there are damp spots underneather them now.
We would like the new floor-boards fitted (they have interlinking edges) & ideally some silicone (or whatever is the right product) used beforehand to seal the damp areas; the whole floor was replaced but there are just a couple of patches that are not properly sealed.
The boards arrive on the 21st, so if available soon after, that would be ideal.

fit laminate flooring 4m by 4m

  • Location: Ipswich
  • Hired: SGR Services
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

just one room, needs laminate flooring to be laid also fitting s and beading, room will be cleared off all furniture, tenant

la laminate floor

  • Location: Wallasey
  • Hired: Peninsula Property Maintenance
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

Lay laminate flooring to kitchen diner[approx. 21 sq foot

Laying laminate floor in a garden office - 12 sqm

  • Location: Godstone
  • Hired: S B Maintenance
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

I am looking for someone to lay a laminate floor in a garden office. It is currently a bare ply floor of 12 sqm. A little uneven (a 3-4mm dip in surface across some joints) but otherwise clean and ready to lay. I have already purchased some 8mm laminate and some fibreboard underlay. Just need someone to lay it!

Flooring fitter

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Hired: sbflooring
  • Trade: Flooring
Job Description

We are looking for someone who can fit vinyl flooring in our bedroom.

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