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Central Heating jobs in UK

Changing radiator

  • Location: Mansfield
  • Hired: R T Plumbing & Heating
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

I have a new radiator and want the old one changing for the new one, same place. The boiler we have is a Baxi Powermax 185 which may be relevant.

new gas boiler fitted

  • Location: Ashby De La Zouch
  • Hired: M Broer Heating
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

Our boiler has been condemned as unsafe so we need a new one please contact me if you are able to do this for us ASAP

Replacing a combi boiler in the kitchen.

  • Location: Hendon
  • Hired: ABW Heating and Plumbing Ltd
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

I need to replace a (working) Worcester 28CDi boiler on a new one, of the same model (Worcester Greenstar 29CDi). All pipework exists, the new boiler has been delivered, I need only installation.

Plumb in new radiator and repair small leak

  • Location: Leeds
  • Hired: Plumbsafe leeds
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

I have a small radiator that is mounted to the wall but needs plumbing into the central heating, also another small leak to a joint. Both jobs could be done with the same lifted floorboards.

Replace boiler

  • Location: Tottenham
  • Hired: Adelin Luis Belauschi
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

I am looking to replace my old vaillant combi boiler with a new one.
Looking for reliable plumbers which privide me with a honest quote and advise for which boiler is more suitable for a 2 bedroom house with 7 radiators and 1 bathroom.

New central heating system

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

We currently have an old boiler in an outdoor cupboard and water tank in the loft. There are 8 single radiators. We'd like a new combi boiler installing in the bathroom and all 8 radiators replacing with new ones, the radiator in the kitchen will need relocating as we're planning on knocking the wall down between dining room and living room eventually.

Boiler and radiator replacement

  • Location: Grove Park
  • Hired: Lambert plumbing, heating & gas
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

We have a 15 year old central heating system which needs renovation.

The boiler (probably condensing) needs replacing. It is 'kettling' water and we have been advised that we would need the water inlet pipe moved slightly to prevent this happening in the future.

We would like to be able to individually control radiators with temperature valves - some radiators in fact probably need replacing entirely, particularly the three downstairs (2 in the 'front room' and one in the hall). We would like advice on which radiators need replacing. We would like some basic energy conservation put in place behind any radiators on external walls which are replaced (the layer of foil type insulation).

The copper immersion water tank itself may also need replacing - we are probably losing quite a bit of heat through it, as I don't think its properly insulated.

The house is 3 bedroom semi, but there are only 2 of us in it and we have received conflicting advice on whether a combi boiler would be appropriate for us, so we would like advice on boiler types before we decide.

There is also an electric pump on the system for the shower. The whole system seems to be controlled by an electronic timer.

We would consider replacing / renovating the cold water tank in the loft, but the boiler, tank and downstairs radiators are the priority and we would like a quotation based on this work initially.

Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 annual service

  • Location: South Croydon
  • Hired: Lambert plumbing, heating & gas
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

I had a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 condensing combi boiler and wireless weather compensating programmer installed last year. I'm looking for a Vaillant approved plumber to do an annual service.

Replace old boiler and central heating system

  • Location: Rotherham
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

To replace a 34 year old boiler and 7 central heating radiators.

Want recommendations on a good value, reliable boiler.

The house is a 3 bed semi in Rawmarsh, Rotherham.

Job to be done in June - July 2014.

Fit a small radiator in a porch.

  • Location: Orpington
  • Hired: Prontaplumb
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

This is quite a small job, not sure if you do such small ones, we want a smallish radiator put into a porch, that currently does not have any heating. It will need to be taken from a hall radiator, not sure if it can be done.

New boiler

  • Location: Manchester
  • Hired: flow-right
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

We have recently purchased our property and we would like to replace the old back boiler with a new combi boiler system. This will include removal of an old gas fire and back boiler, installation of new combi system and removal of hot water tank.
We live in Atherton - would this be an area you would cover?

Central heating not shutting down at specified time

  • Location: Liverpool
  • Hired: village plumbing & heatlng
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

We've had a problem with our central heating for a while, whereby it stays on after the programmed time, while the house gets hotter and hotter.

When it's stuck in the 'on' position the thermostat has no effect, so the boiler doesn't even cut out when the house is really hot. Also, switching the boiler off and on again at the unit has no effect - it starts back up and kicks in again immediately.

The only way to get it to shut down is turn off the electrics to the hot water system at the mains switch (so the control panel, boiler, pump all go off and actuator re-sets) and re-start everything.

It's a relatively new install (Worcester Greenstar condensing boiler, about 3 years old), and we've recently had the control panel replaced which unfortunately didn't fix the problem.

It's an intermittent fault that happens every few days, and is driving us mad as we're worried one day we won't notice, and the boiler will just keep going until it explodes!

We're on the lookout for someone who can help us get to the bottom of the problem, and ideally has come across the same issue before, as we've had 3 engineers look at it and walk away scratching their heads...


Boiler Repair

  • Location: South Tottenham
  • Hired: Professional Heating and Plumbing Services
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

Non Functioning combination boiler. Water inlet valve or screw needs replacement on boiler. No water pressure in boiler

Pressure leak in system

  • Location: Tadcaster
  • Hired: S & P Jordan Gas Services
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

There is a leak or leaks somewhere in our central heating system which cause the pressure to fall and the boiler to cut out. We need a heating engineer/ plumber who can locate and repairs these.

Review and change to boiler and heating system

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Hired: C.K Plumbing&Heating
  • Trade: Central Heating
Job Description

We have just moved into a new home which has a traditional boiler (located on first floor) and hot water tank (located on second floor). There is cold water tank in the loft which, we think, also serves the ground floor (separate flat). Our understanding so far is that the system is inadequate. The hot water tank is too small and the hot water pressure is low, especially in the kitchen where it is little more than a trickle. We are seeking an improvement to this system and have so far heard that the options include a combi boiler plus, perhaps, a power shower in the bathroom, or a pressurised hot water tank. This opinion came from a plumber sent by the seller's solicitor (as we reported the inadequacies immediately) and we are looking for a second opinion and quotes for completing the overhaul. N.b this is part of a bigger project to improve the property which will require builders, structural engineers, electricians and plumbers.

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