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Redecorating & plastering job in sandy

  • Location: Sandy
  • Hired: Martin ball plastering
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

I need a quote for stripping wallpaper, painting walls and and re plastering over artex ceiling in 2 rooms.
location: sandy bedfordshire.
Start date: ASAP

Thank you

fireplace opening and reinforcing

  • Location: Stroud
  • Hired: severnside stoves and chimneys
  • Trade: Chimneys & Fireplaces
Job Description

I have a fireplace which previously had a tiled frontage (now removed). I would like the remaining opening to be opened up further to allow for a wood burning stove. A new support lintel will need to be installed in order to do this. Ideally the work would be plaster finished, but this could be carried out afterwards by a separate tradesperson.

Plastering and making good walls and ceilings.

  • Location: Tunbridge Wells
  • Hired: eurokitchens
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

Following water damage I need walls making good in the bedroom and bathroom where the chipboard needs replacing, plastering and repainting. Also minor plastering on stairs. Repairing crack caused by water damage and painting ceiling in study.

Family room conversion

  • Location: Falkirk
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

Victorian house from 1892 with dining room (4,5m x 4,5m) and kitchen (4,9m x 3m) to be opened up into a kitchen/family room. New kitchen to be fitted. Bathroom to be joined with bar and needed entirely renewed with shower, toilet and sink replaced. Boiler moved and some radiators replaced. Interested in insulation of family room and underfloor heating.

Replacing paving slabs outside front door

  • Location: Godalming
  • Hired: lpbuilders
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

We are moving to a property in Witley and need one or two repairs carried out to the slabs in the porchway entrance, the lead flushing on a chimney stack and would like you to look at a possible repair to or replacement of an external door.

Plastering job, Re-plaster & paint external walls

  • Location: Aylesbury
  • Hired: WW Bespoke Joinery and General Contractors
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

We have some crumbling plaster, signs of rust on corners & cracking on external plastering on our property.

Seeking someone to repair/ replaster as needed then repaint.
House is largely brick except central area on front of back + frames around 20 small windows

I am the home owner. House is 5 bedroom across ground and first floor. Ladders will be required but as detatched there should be no access issues.


  • Location: Chathill
  • Hired: A C Joinery(Amble)Limited
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

We're buying a stable conversion and our survey has revealed several areas that need pointing up properly.
We'd also like quotes for turning the outside area into a patio and extending the current wall to make the area private

defective front boundary wall - repair or replace

  • Location: Dartford
  • Hired: kentish builder
  • Trade: Bricklaying
Job Description

Front boundary wall, approx 1m high x 6m wide with opening for gate and 1.5m brick return each side back to house. Wall is half brick thick, stretcher bond, with brick piers each side of gate.

Brickwork is loose to top of brick pier and main wall to l/h side rocks if pushed. Outside face of brickwork is rendered but in poor condition

I need advice and quote to
i) either repair brickwork or take down and rebuild; or
ii) replace with fencing;
iii) refix metal gate

Property is currently rented out and wall is adjacent to public highway/ pavement

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitter.

  • Location: Helensburgh
  • Hired: Modern Home
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

Swapping my kitchen & bathroom over so total kitchen fitted, i.e, electric oven & hob, extractor fan, washing machine, sink & tap, cupboards & work tops. Also I would like two of the walls tiled. I will supply the tiles. The kitchen is about 3mx3m.
My bathroom is around 2mx1m (very small). I will need the sink + taps, toilet, electric shower & bath fitted and the floor and half of the walls tiled.
I own the property . I am looking for a guide price & looking to hire if the price is right.

rendered extension to stone and flat roof to pitched.

  • Location: Bradford
  • Hired: Ross Selley building contractors
  • Trade: Restoration & Refurbishment
Job Description

Current one level extension with engineered brick and rendered exterior. I want a stone exterior.
Also has a flat tar felted roof whichI want replacing with a pitched roof with velux.

* Added 5th July, 2012 :
Contacted planning and I will be going for a consultation next week with my local planning department. It is almost certain now having spoke to one builder that the job will require a complete removal of the current extension and a rebuild of a new one with 3inch york stone and a pitched york slated roof. I will be getting building regs and planning.

Outside blocked drain

  • Location: Lochgelly
  • Hired: Construction UK Ltd
  • Trade: Groundwork & Foundations
Job Description

It seems my Dad has a problem with one of the outside drains. When he has a shower, water is flooding part of the back yard.

Cast Iron Fireplace Fitter Required - Birmingham B17

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Hired: Central Chimney Specialists
  • Trade: Chimneys & Fireplaces
Job Description

Hi. I'm looking for someone to come and advise me on the cast iron fireplace that I need to order online (I've found one I want but can't work out if it'll fit properly) and then to block the chimney and fit the cast iron fireplace. At the moment there is a mantlepiece and the opening to the fire but no cast iron surround. I am not planning to use the fireplace and I do not want a gas or electric fire installed - I just want the cast iron surround installed so that it looks nice and so there is no draft from the chimney. Dependent on cost I may want a hearth installed too. Thanks.

strip and reroof large shed/summer house

  • Location: Grantham
  • Hired: MJO Group
  • Trade: Garages & Sheds
Job Description

strip and reroof very large shed/summer house. roofing felt half off, roof temporarily covered by tarpaulin. size of roof 6m x 4.4 metres

Multi Burner

  • Location: Swansea
  • Hired: D Lewis Construction Ltd
  • Trade: Chimneys & Fireplaces
Job Description

Looking for someone who can install a multi burner for me. I need advice on what burner I would be suitable for my property.

There is a closed off chimney breast so it may not be suitable for use, so I may need an external flue. My property is stone built so I understand that I may need a vent.

Thanks for looking

Cavity tray installation above existing extension

  • Location: Cheltenham
  • Hired: smc-group building & construction
  • Trade: Extensions
Job Description

We have a leak in our front room. We have been told that the water is coming in through the wall cavity, where the extension roof meets the old wall above.
I removed some floor boards in the front bedroom, and could see some water drips on the steel beam - but I believe most of the water is dripping on the other side of the beam. The leak used to be small, but it is now a lot of water - more than I would expect to penetrate the wall. However, the wind comes directly at the wall, and the wind has been very strong recently.
We have had work done on the extension roof - to try to fix the leak. That work looks sound, leading to the conclusion that water is coming in from the cavity.
We are looking for someone to fit a cavity tray.

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