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Fit a cat flap - Windows job in Middle Park, South London

Fit a cat flap

Job Description

I have a uPVC back door - with glaized units in the top and bottom panels of the door.

I would like either a hole cut into the bottom panel or the bottom panel replaced so a cat flap can be fitted - quote needs to say whether it includes the cat flap or is simply for a replacement unit / labour.

The top and bottom panel of the door contain georgian bar within the glaized unit. IF the bottom panel needs to be replaced to fit a the cat flap then it either needs to be a replacement unit also containing georgian bar to fit in with the rest of the door or a plain white non-glaized panel so it does not look out of place.

Please quote for both options if possible.

The approx size of the bottom glaized panel is 69 cm by 53.5cm