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Bolier installation - Gas Work job in Tottenham, North London

Bolier Installation

Job Description

I already have a VIZO 24 condensing Boiler with 705mm Flue Kit and need it installed.
I have already been let down and would like this job to be asap, obviously the boiler is already bought and i reqiure the relevant skilled plumber to install it at a good price.

* The following information was added Wednesday, 10th March, 2010 :
Things have changed since my last job description, it seems there is a reluctance to install the bolier i got from B&Q according to some other plumbers so i have returned it.

Now the job is supply and install.
-So the old boiler to be removed is a Saunier Duval 620f, 20plus yrs old.
-New boiler (combi) will be in the same location.
-Gas pipes may be 15mm, so upgrading may be requiered.

Hope to sort out good a fixed quote on site.