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Annual boiler full service - Plumbing job in Dagenham, Essex

Annual Boiler Full Service

Job Description

* Any visual damage on the boiler?
* Correct operation – check that the boiler operates correctly, including consumer controls and safety devices
* Flame – is it burning as per the spec?
* Electrical wiring – check they complies with electrical regulations
* Near environment – ensure clearances from combustible materials
* Gas supply pipe work – ensure correct installation and clearances
* Room ventilation – ensure sufficient ventilation
* Full service procedure:
* Main boiler burners – remove, clean and inspect condition
* Boiler gas injectors – clean and inspect conditions
* Pilot assembly – dismantle and clean pilot assembly (including gas injector)
* Heat exchanger – clean and check condition
* Check boiler parts for gas leaks (case and seals)
* Thermocouple – check condition
* Measure gas pressure and flow rate, and adjust if necessary
* Flue - inspect for faults
* Assemble all boiler parts back and test operation