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Front door window replacement - Windows job in Southfields, South London

Front door window replacement

Job Description

- Replacement of two glass panes in front door and larger glass pane above door.
- All glass to be frosted/sandblasted
- Larger pane above door to have house number in the frosting/sandblasting.

- 2 x Smaller panes in door roughly 150mm x 800mm
- 1 x Larger pain above door roughly 800mm x 800mm

* The following information was added Tuesday, 24th November, 2009 :
Picture added of desired result. Window panes in my door are much longer than those shown.

* The following information was added Wednesday, 25th November, 2009 :
Actual measurements as follows:

- 2 x Smaller panes 220mm x 985 mm
- 1 x Larger pane above door 605mm x 730mm