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We need our boiler checked - boiler repair/maintenance - Central Heating job in Middle Park, South London

we need our boiler checked - boiler repair/maintenance

Job Description

our boiler is a worcester bosch group bolier, model 19/24 cbi.
there appears to be two problems.

1. the lock out light on the front of the boiler is generally always on. in the boiler manual it states this means the bolier is overheating.
2. we can not turn on our heating supply unless the hot water is on. we have hot water coming through at two times of the day. once in the morning for 3 hours and once in the evening for 3 hours. it is on the timed setting. our heating supply is off. we only want it on when we wish to use it. hence we turn on the constant setting but nothing happens. it appears that the heating only comes on during the periods the water is on.

we need someone to come around either in the weekday evening after 7 or on the weekend morning to have a look.