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Pvc sliding doorframe leak - Windows job in Canary Wharf, East London

PVC sliding doorframe leak

  • Location: Canary Wharf
  • Trade: Window Fitter
  • Posted: 1812 days ago by: catie
  • Hired: A & E Glazing

Job Description

Water traveling from somewhere in an apartment building to appear on the inside step of an apartment's patio. We know the water is traveling because it takes more than 3 hours after rain to appear. The inside step is MDF which has swelled on one side at the joint of 2 sliding double glazed doors. One sliding door is 1.8metres and the other on the side of the join where the leak appears is 1.10m. The Sliding doors are made by Sobinco. The leak is not obvious. I have already tried putting new sealant around the doorframe at the joints. Need a builder who knows what to do with the sub-structure of double glazing door frames. Perhaps it needs foam filling or perhaps a lead lining damp proof coursing. Need work done ASAP.