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Paint 3 rooms - Painting & Decorating job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

paint 3 rooms

Job Description

painter required for 2 rooms and 1 stairway - ceilings included. 2 coats white emulsion onto bare plaster followed by one coat of matt vinyl.

1. Stairway Approx 14ft long. Standard height (2.3m) apart from drop between first floor ceiling and lower. About 3m high halfway up stairs tapering of to standard height at top of stairs after 1.5m. Stairway 2.5ft wide, doors - no walls at either end. Small landing (mainly doors) 5ft width of wall at top.

2. Front bedroom. W2.5 minus 1 half wall window x L3.5 metres H2.3m + ceiling

3. Lounge. W3.5m minus 1 x 1/2 wall bay window x L4.5m H2.3m + ceiling

* Added 3rd February, 2012 :
Paint supplied plus anything else require. Due to a previous let down this job needs to be completed by 14th of February.