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Re-align garage door - Garages & Sheds job in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

2Re-align garage door

  • wLocation: High Wycombe
  • kTrade: Garage & Shed Builder
  • cPosted: 830 days ago by: rogfran (3 jobs posted)
  • qIdeal start date: Today. 11th January 2011
  • lHired: Sayers Doors

Job Description

Garage Door has come out of alignment. Seems that, on one side, the wire supporting the door has skipped a loop, so metal door does not come down horizontally (both sides in parallel).

Cause: when lowering the door two days ago, it hit an object (broom) in its way, which caused it to jump. I can get the door back into its track, but it will not stay there now. Although I can ultimately get the door down fully, it is not really secure.