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Detect source of damp/leak and fix it - Damp Proofing job in Hammersmith, West London

Detect source of damp/leak and fix it

  • Location: Hammersmith
  • Trade: Damp Proofing Specialist
  • Posted: 1063 days ago by: itra (10 jobs posted)
  • Ideal start date: Early December
  • Hired: pheonix

Job Description

We have a wall in our lower groundfloor/basement living room that had 2 damp patches on it when we moved in. We had hired someone previously to take a look at it. They said they could not find the source and that it was a one off leak. They applied damp proof plastering on the patches & applied a fresh coat of paint.

Now, 3-4 months later, the leak seems to be back & is showing AROUND the damp proof plastering. The paint is bubbling in some places and turning powdery in others.

We need someone to come and detect the source of the damp/leak and then fix it. We also need someone who will guarantee the detection and the fix for atleast 3 years.